How to Customize Android Auto from Android Phones

The system offered by Android mobiles to connect it to the car and use its screen as a control center with Android, has changed a lot in recent times, more specifically with Android 10. This has caused that now to use Android Auto in the car we do not need an application and it already comes by default in the mobile settings. In turn, options have been added and others have changed to be able to customize Android Auto to our liking.

Customize Android Auto from Android Phones

The experience when we use the car together with the mobile phone changes completely and we do not have access to the same options or functions that we can have separately in each of them. To adapt it to what we want in each case, we must have these possibilities under control. Of course we will do this with the car started but stopped in a safe place, we should never manipulate the mobile while driving.

Change everything that appears in Android Auto

The first steps we must take have to do with the Android Auto options, both in Android 10 and in Android 11 will be the same. We only go into Settings> Connected devices> Connection preferences> Android Auto . Once inside the menu, we have access to everything we need to personalize the experience.

personalizar android auto

At this point what we will do is change the apps that we will see on the car screen and for this we select the option “customize applications menu”. Here we find a list where we can activate or deactivate those that we do not want, in addition to choosing a custom order where we have to drag them so that they appear earlier or later in the list.

Options in Android Auto

Use Ok Google in the car

To improve the experience with voice we have to carry out a series of steps, starting with taking advantage of Google Assistant while driving . We have to enter the option “Ok Google detection” to activate it and keep it active also while driving. This will allow us to carry out many options from the assistant itself without having to look at the car screen.

ok google coche

Take advantage of the assistant in the car

It is not enough to activate the option that we have seen previously, it is also important that we personalize the experience in the car with our needs. For this, we will enter the “Google Assistant” section, where we will be able to choose predefined addresses that allow us to ask you to take us to that place with your voice among other options.

opciones asistente android auto

Android Auto possibilities

Among everything we can do in Android Auto we find a series of options that can be activated or deactivated depending on our tastes and preferences. According to each one, we will be able to choose between the following sections:

  • Carry on with mobile music in car automatically.
  • Show the weather on the car screen.
  • Read the first line of the OS messages in Android Auto (not recommended)
  • Notify me of messages.
  • Notify group messages.
  • Sound in notifications.
  • Use Android Auto Wireless. An option available for all mobile phones with Android 11 and a car that allows it.
  • Generate problem reports for Google.