List of Phones Compatible with Quick Charge 4+

Over the years, the batteries in our mobiles have evolved, increasing not only their capacity, but also the speed at which they can be charged. Although each manufacturer normally has its own proprietary technology, Quick Charge is present in mobile phones with Qualcomm processors. Today we review which phones are compatible with Quick Charge 4+.

Since 2013 when the first Quick Charge charging standard was launched, we have already seen different generations, which have been improving charging performance, the reality is that mobiles compatible with these standards are not as many as it might seem.

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What phones are compatible with Quick Charge 4+?

While many manufacturers already have their own charging technologies, such as Oppo with Super VOOC, or OnePlus with Dash Charge, to give a few examples, Qualcomm, the company behind Snapdragon processors, has been offering a common charge for their processors. So many mobiles with the latest charging technology have Qualcomm’s.

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And the company’s latest fast charge standard is Quick Charge 4+ . Without a compatible charger, which usually comes with the terminal, you cannot take advantage of this fast charge. Below we offer you the list of mobiles that are compatible with this technology, regardless of whether it is version 4 or 4+. This standard offers 15% faster charging than version 3.0, while also being 30% more efficient. On the other hand, it is a load that allows all the energy to be delivered without heating the terminal, being five degrees cooler, and lastly, it offers up to five hours of autonomy with just five minutes of charging.

Quick Charge 4+

List of phones compatible with Quick Charge 4+

• ASUS ZenFone 6
• Black Shark 2
• BQ Aquaris X2
• BQ Aquaris X2 Pro
• Lenovo Z6 Pro
• LG G7 ThinQ
• LG G8 ThinQ
• LG V40 ThinQ
• LG V50 ThinQ
• nubia mini
• nubia Z17
• nubia Z18
• Razer Phone
• Razer Phone 2
• Redmi K20
• Redmi K20 Pro
• Redmi Note 7
• Redmi Note 7 Pro
• Samsung Galaxy A70
• Samsung Galaxy A80
• Xiaomi Mi 8
• Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition
• Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro
• Xiaomi Mi 9
• Xiaomi Mi A2
• Xiaomi Mi MIX 3
• Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G
• Xiaomi Poco F1
• ZTE AXON Pro 9
• ZTE AXON 10 Pro

As you can see, this technology has been adopted mainly by gaming mobiles , such as those from Razer or Black Shark. On the other hand you can see that not all the latest mobiles are certified for this technology, since it depends directly on the processor. This list is updated to February 2020 by Qualcomm.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

These phones usually have large batteries that need to be charged as soon as possible with the greatest security, or what is the same, avoiding overheating while providing a large amount of energy. The Quick Charge 4+ standard is the most powerful that Qualcomm currently offers . It is not the fastest on the market, far from it, but it is capable of multiplying the standard charging speed by four.