How to Activate Face Unlock on Motorola Mobiles

Face unlock has become one of the most popular methods of accessing the phone. Although in recent years we have seen different facial unlock technologies, even the simplest phones have it. Now we tell you how to activate facial unlocking on a Motorola mobile in a simple and fast way.

In addition to the fingerprint reader, we have the possibility of accessing our mobile by simply putting our face in front of the selfie camera. To do this you just have to activate this option and configure our face. Setting up face unlock is easier than you think.

motorola face unlock

How to activate this unlock mode

A Motorola mobile phone has many alternatives to unlock the phone. Logically everything depends on the hardware you have, but far from what it may seem face unlock is available on most Motorola mobiles, because it is not such a sophisticated technology, since it is based mainly on software, and not on hardware as in other mobiles, such as iPhone with Face ID. In this case, in order to activate the facial unlock, we must do the following:

  • Enter the settings
  • Click on the “security” section
  • Now select “face unlock”
  • Enter the PIN

Now it’s time to configure this unlock. For this, it is best to place ourselves in a place where there is enough light , since it is basic for the identification software that our facial features can be appreciated in the clearest possible way. Now we must center our face in the circle that appears on the screen , until the assistant is able to recognize all our features and store them. The identification process may end in error, basically because the features could not be captured in detail, in this case, try to improve the light around you.

desbloqueo facial Motorola

You should also face the phone, logically it is useless to look away or with your head turned. Keep in mind, as Motorola reminds us, this method can be less secure than a PIN or pattern , because someone who looks like us may be able to unlock the phone as well. We are talking about a method that uses software to compare the features of our face, but from a 2D perspective and not 3D. Logically, if they put a photo of us in front, the most normal thing is that the phone can be unlocked. Unlike, for example, Apple‘s Face ID technology, what it does is scan and store in 3D thousands of three-dimensional points of our face. Keep in mind that only one face is stored, so unlike fingerprints, we cannot configure several.