List of Books by School in Spain: Buy Textbooks on Amazon

Going back to school always means new things: school supplies at all levels and textbooks for children from three years to university. It is not always easy to find them or our bookstore does not always allow us to buy them so today we explain how to find textbooks on Amazon by school and course so as not to make a mistake when buying them.

Finding textbooks is not always easy and you have surely experienced it at some time, as a student or as a father or mother. They are not always in the stationery closest to home, they cannot always order it from us or they do not always arrive on time when we need them. In those cases, we can now turn to Amazon and find textbooks. In addition, one of the most interesting functions of the online store is that it allows us to discover which books are requested at our children’s school or institute without making mistakes when choosing one or the other or choosing the wrong edition.

List of Books by School in Spain

Amazon boasts four advantages when buying textbooks:

  • You can find the list of books for the school that is and the corresponding course, as we will explain in the next paragraphs.
  • You receive 10 euros as a gift in school supplies, backpack, fashion or computers for purchases over 90 euros in books for primary or secondary courses.
  • You can return the books up to 30 days after receiving them.
  • You can request an invoice or purchase receipt once they have been sent.

Libros de texto en Amazon

The most interesting thing is that we can find Amazon textbooks according to your son or daughter’s school (or your own) and according to the course. You will be able to fill in all the data and you will find the list of books without having to scroll.

Find the books you should buy

Amazon makes available to users the website that allows you to find your school’s textbooks and buy them on Amazon. You will have to follow the instructions indicated on the page and it has a large database recommended for consultations of schools and institutes throughout Spain. It may have happened to you at some time: the teachers dictate the list of books but it is not clear which exact model it is, there are two similar ones, the editions vary … In the case of this website you can find out about doubts and it allows you to do a quick search and effective.

The first thing you should do is go to the web page . Once you are here, access the “Advanced Search” section and fill in the different fields:

  • Select Autonomous Community
  • Choose a province
  • Select a municipality
  • Choose the school from which you are looking for the books

Encontrar libros de texto Amazon

Once chosen, all the courses available in that school will appear, divided by categories: Infant, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate. Choose the course you want and for which you need to consult the complete list of books that will be ordered.

All the books on the list will appear and you will also see if it is the same one that was requested in the previous course, in case of repeaters or that there is someone who can lend them to you. You will see all the available books and you can add them to the cart one by one or you can click on “Add all to cart”. Choose if you want only some in case others already have them or automatically buy the entire course.

Libros de texto Amazon - Lista

Finish the purchase on Amazon

You can add books from different schools or from different courses before completing the purchase, in case there are several children or several schools, institutes, etc. You will not leave the website until you touch on “Finish the purchase at” so you can go back to change centers, courses, etc.

Cesta de libros de texto en Amazon

The web page will automatically take you to Amazon when you have filled the basket and you can continue the purchase as usual: Fill in the shipping information, choose the delivery time and payment method and complete the purchase. You will automatically receive the books at home without having to travel and without the risk of making mistakes.

Lista de la compra Amazon

Errors in books or school

Amazon has a solutions section in case you cannot find your center or your course. Most schools and institutes in Spain (except the Canary Islands) are included in the school books service and nursery schools are also included. But it is possible, because it is new or small, that your school or center is not on the list. In that case, you can go to the section “Can’t find your center?” in the advanced search section. You will be able to fill in all the information data of the center so that Amazon can add it to its database as soon as possible.

If the problem is with the course and not with the center, you can upload a photograph with the list of books of the corresponding course (if there are changes, if it is a special course …) and from Amazon they assure that they will upload the information to the Web. You can also request modifications if you are a teacher or if you have detected that there is a book that has been changed. The requested modifications will be made within three days and you will receive a notice by mail when it is done.

Errores en el centro - Libros de texto

10 euros as a gift

Amazon, as we have explained in previous paragraphs, allows you to get 10 euros as a gift for purchases over 90 euros in Primary and Secondary books. A 10-euro gift voucher that will be applied to textbook purchases on Amazon from August 14 to September 30, 2020.

In the next purchase you will be able to redeem a promotional voucher from the section ” Ready to class store ” on products sold by Amazon. This redeemable voucher works in the categories of office, backpacks, computing, fashion and stationery and can be redeemed on purchases on Amazon until October 31, 2020.


To use it, just make a purchase in the category and it will be applied automatically in the basket when you go to pay. It cannot be combined with other offers and is only applicable to products sold by Amazon.