What is a Hybrid Router and Why is it Interesting

The technology that allows us to connect to the Internet is very varied. We are going to need devices, cables, a suitable configuration and software that allows us to navigate. Now, a fundamental piece for all this is the router. If we have a domestic connection, it is normal that we have this type of device. However there are different options. In this article we are going to explain what a hybrid router is and why it is interesting to have one.

What is a hybrid router

As we say, a router is a fundamental piece so that we can navigate the network. It is what allows you to connect several devices at the same time and have a connection. There are some that have dual band, others that have external antennas or not, sometimes USB ports, different functions … But the main objective is the same: to allow us to surf the Internet.

What is a Hybrid Router

Now, for this device to be able to offer us a connection, it will have to be connected to the network. You need to have Internet access to later distribute it to other computers. How can it be connected? The normal thing is that we talk about a home router, a device that works by broadband, either with ADSL technology or fiber optics . But we can also get Internet through 4G, through mobile networks.

We can therefore speak of a home router or a 4G router . They are two different devices, but they nevertheless have the same common goal. Within each option there are different possibilities, as we know. There are different types that can have their own characteristics.

What is a hybrid router? We can say that it is a mixture of those two devices that we mentioned. It is a device that acts as a home router and also as a portable router that works over mobile networks. We will be able to connect at home through fiber optics and also through 3G, 4G or even 5G, through mobile networks. An example is the fritzbox 6890 LTE router.

Why it is interesting to have a hybrid router

Now that we know what a hybrid router is, we can show the positive and interesting points of having one. It is an option that can come in handy for many users in their day to day to be able to connect to the Internet.

Have everything in one device

Undoubtedly one of the advantages of having a hybrid router is that we will have everything in the same device . We will not need to have a traditional home router and then another 4G. We can even save money by not having to buy two independent ones.

Therefore, one of the reasons why it is interesting to have a hybrid router is to be able to have both options in a single device. This will open a range of possibilities for us.

Being able to connect anywhere

Of course another clear advantage is that we can connect from anywhere . By having the possibility of connecting to mobile networks we will be able to navigate from anywhere where there is coverage.

In addition, the normal thing is that this type of device can be connected through 3G, 4G and 5G networks, which will be increasingly present in society. Therefore we will not have too many coverage problems.

Avoid connection problems

Surely on occasion we have had problems with the connection . Either our home Internet is down or the mobile does not work. It is something that happens. Operators can run into problems and take users offline.

If we have the possibility of having a hybrid router we can avoid this problem. In case the home network does not work we can always connect through mobile networks and thus avoid these problems.

Improve Internet access with other computers

Finally, another advantage is that we can improve Internet access from other devices . It is true that we can share the Internet from a mobile phone, for example. Also search for public networks or even make use of devices like USB dongles. But the stability and quality offered by a router is not comparable.