Like video games? Then Opera GX browser is ideal for you

If you are a person who likes to play video games, although on the Mac there is a very small catalog the new browser that Opera has launched is indicated for you. The browser in question is Opera GX that arrives to be a complement of the players with the aim of enjoying the greatest possible graphic power.

Opera GX, the ideal browser for gamers

In the press release that Opera has released, much emphasis is placed on the surveys that have been conducted among users. The first data they throw is something that does not surprise us since it mentions that only 14% of people play on Mac while 82% do it on Windows. This is obvious since the Macs are not made to play but you can certainly run the odd game although the performance is not the most optimal.

This same survey also shows that most of the people who play have network, RAM and CPU problems. And this is all that is optimized with this browser. To begin with, a network limiter is offered to be able to set the maximum upload and download that we have in the browser, making the games that we are running can take maximum speed.

Secondly, a RAM limiter is included to establish a limit that will never be exceeded. This will make our browsing experience not the best but without a doubt the performance of the games will be considerably improved. Finally, a CPU limiter is integrated so that all the capacity of our processor is focused on the games and not on the browser we are using.

And as this is a special browser for gamers, it includes a space called GX Corner that will show game news, upcoming releases, in addition to the best offers on video games that are on the net. All this is accompanied by a very gamer design although it can be customized at any time to adjust it to our liking.

In addition, the Opera GX integrates with Twitch to be able to offer us notifications of when the people we follow or subscribe to start streaming. We will have all this information in the sidebar so that we always have it on hand in case we are big consumers of this platform.

If you are interested in this browser because you play a lot on a daily basis you can try it by downloading it from the Opera website , although right now it is in a development phase so the final version will vary.