IPhone SE 2 concept shows us the design we all expect

It seems that it is more than confirmed by analysts that next year we will see at the end a new generation of iPhone SE 2. This is a device that fell in love with many in its first generation but that has been a bit forgotten by Apple until 2020. Rumors already suggest that it will have a design similar to that of the iPhone 8 taking advantage of these chassis and that it will continue to include the Touch ID technology but today we have seen a reader of this team that has fallen in love with us and a lot.

Dreaming is free … and that’s what we do with this iPhone SE 2 render

It never hurts to start imagining how our ideal mobile would be even if it never comes true. This is what happens to us when we see this reader of the iPhone SE 2 since it leaves us all with an open mouth but we know well that it will not end up fulfilling since most rumors point to another path. If you have not yet seen this render, we leave it below.

As we can see, at the beginning of the video it is announced that it would include a 3.5 mm jack something that is very difficult for us to imagine due to the strategy that Apple is following today. With regard to design we see an incredible screen that occupies almost the entire front except a small area at the top for the speaker and the FaceTime camera. The edges remind us a lot of the first generation of iPhone SE and the rumors about the design change of the iPhone 12 point directly to its edges could be like that.

In the back we would find a fantastic double camera that reminds us a lot of that of the iPhone 11. But this idea can be removed from the head since it is intended to be a very economical team so it would not have this double camera but only one although obviously improved. It is possible that the camera that included the iPhone XR is inherited but in the end you should look at all aspects of the equipment to save money on its manufacture and therefore be more competitive.


So far we know that we will be facing a 4.7 ″ panel, ideal for lovers of small mobile devices and easily manageable with one hand. It is true that it makes sense to see multimedia content on the mobile but in the end this equipment has a purely functional function to perform the most basic tasks such as talking about messaging services and making calls. As we say, the price will be tremendously interesting and will arrive to open the range of target audience of the company and can cost around € 500.

We will have to wait until 2020 to see the plans that Apple has prepared. It is possible that this iPhone will see the light at the beginning of the year or wait until September to make a joint presentation.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this render of the iPhone SE 2.