An account been hacked? First steps you should do

One of the most important problems that Internet users face is that our accounts are hacked. This can happen for different reasons. They may steal our password through a Phishing attack, keylogger or any other malware. It may also happen that we log in to an insecure team that compromises our privacy. It may even be the case that a social network or platform we use has suffered an attack. In this article we will explain what to do in case you have hacked our Facebook account or any other social network.

What to do if an account is hacked

First of all it is necessary to know that an account has been hacked . This means that we have seen evidence that someone has accessed our profile and has our password. We may have entered our Facebook profile or any other social network and have seen messages read, for example. Also that they have even added contacts or deleted others.hackers

Any evidence that makes us suspect that there are or have been intruders in our account is enough for us to take action. It is important to consider the importance of time. The sooner we act, the better. That is why we are going to give a series of basic but essential advice in case at some point we find ourselves in this unpleasant situation.

Change Password

The first and most basic: change the password . This is something we should do as long as we have minimal suspicion that someone has been able to access the account. We may not have seen clear evidence, but for example if we have forgotten our account started on a third-party computer.

It is very important to carry out this step as soon as possible. In this way we will be able to save time and prevent an intruder from accessing our messages, modifying account information, deleting or adding contacts, etc.

This is something that must be applied regardless of the type of account that has been hacked. It doesn’t matter if it’s a social network, email or just an online platform that we barely use.

Report the attack

Normally platforms such as social networks have an option to report an attack . This is also a measure that we can take into account. In this way we will alert that service that our account has been hacked, something that could help recover it and avoid that possible intruder still within it.

It is true that not all platforms on the Internet have this option, but it is certainly something that we should consider when possible.

Remove suspicious add-ons

On many occasions an account hacking comes from a plug-in that we have installed or an application to which we have given permissions. This can happen for example on Facebook, where we can add different applications with very varied functions. A problem that can sometimes result in information theft.

If we see that our account has been hacked or we have indications that something is wrong, we must take into account the importance of analyzing applications and add-ons that may be suspicious and eliminate them so that it does not happen again.

Scan the computer for threats

In the same way it is vital that we analyze the team for threats. Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that we have a keylogger or Trojan in the system and is collecting all the information we enter. This is a very serious problem, because even if we change the password, even if we report an attack, they will obtain the access password again.

To avoid this a good measure is to have security tools . We have at our disposal a wide range in this regard. A good antivirus can free us from problems of this type.

Protect our account even more

Finally, something very important is to add layers of security to our account. If they hacked us once it could be because our password was weak or because we don’t have the proper security settings.

How can we protect our account even more? Something very important is to add authentication in two steps . This is something that gives us much more security in case someone gets our password. To access even if they had our password they would need a second step.