Let Android Auto recommend songs for you

There are many users who use the intelligent driving system known as Android Auto when traveling by car. The Google vehicle application ensures an easy way to not only go to services such as Google Maps or answer messages without losing concentration, but also to listen to music while driving.

The latter is one of the most frequent activities when we travel by car, as it helps to keep us active while enjoying the melody. However, when we repeatedly play the same song or Spotify playlist , we reach a point where we feel bored due to the lack of variety, since we know absolutely everything that sounds and sometimes we need something new in our lives.

Let Android Auto recommend songs for you

Android Auto decides the music

The program developed by the Mountain View company is very complete and has more and more interesting functions of all kinds, although one of the most interesting has to do with the music recommendation option . A feature that was introduced relatively recently that not everyone knows about.

This peculiarity is called Media Picks , and was announced at the end of last year along with other novelties. It has been available for use for some time now, but there are those who are completely unaware of how to activate this feature. However, it should be noted that not all vehicles compatible with Android Auto boast it, since there are cars that are not capable of taking advantage of this tool.

Android Auto música

Checking it is quite simple and is directly related to the activation of the function. That is why we are going to explain in detail how to enable Media Picks and make Android Auto recommend music to you. Only in this way will you expand your horizons and have the opportunity to discover new artists who may end up becoming your favorite cante.

That said, the operation of the option does not hide much mystery, because you just have to click on the icon with a musical note inside it that shows the car’s screen in the lower bar. Immediately afterwards and completely automatically, the app will display a menu that includes recommendations inside of any of the platforms installed on your device and compatible with Google software, such as Spotify or YouTube Music.

not only music

The best thing about this peculiarity of Android Auto is that it not only shows recommendations related to the music sector, but it also does the same with podcasts , which you can listen to for free through the Google Podcast app. This means that you have entertainment at your fingertips without complication, thus avoiding making a decision between the wide variety that is inside.

Without a doubt, it is a novelty that, in addition to helping you discover new music , guarantees a quick and easy way to put songs in the car without having to search for it directly. Simply press the corresponding button and tap again on the recommendation that interests you.