How to get raid passes to fight in Pokémon GO

If you want to battle in Pokémon GO and get some of the most coveted legendaries or Pokémon you want to get, or you want to battle in the Go Battle League and get Premium rewards, you need a raid pass. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to get hold of them.

First of all, we must point out that to make a raid in Pokémon Go you can use the daily raid pass, a Premium raid pass or a remote pass. However, if you want to earn Battle League rewards by using your best Pokémon to battle other players, you can only do so with a Premium Raid Pass. That said, we tell you how you can get hold of each of them.

How to get raid passes to fight in Pokémon GO

Get your ticket for raids

Getting the daily raid pass is very simple. Simply tap any gym and you’ll automatically receive the pass, along with a few other items. You can do this by going to a nearby gym. If you don’t have a gym in range and can’t get to it, you can wait until there is an active raid and hit that gym from the screen. No need to turn it, just by entering it, you will receive the day pass. You can search for raids on the map by moving around, or from the bottom right of the screen by tapping nearby Pokémon to bring up a window where you’ll be able to see nearby Pokémon and raids. Go to the raids tab and select any. Da see in one that has the raid already open (not in egg) and you will receive the pass.

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If you have one pass in your bag, you will not receive another. Therefore, to take advantage of the daily pass, you will have to do a raid using the previous pass and then rotate a gym to give it to you. You can do the latter right after the raid to ensure you receive the pass, or at any time of day at any nearby gym if you forgot to do so on the spot. You can use it whenever you want, although until you use this one you will not be able to ask for another. They only give one a day , although there was a time when two were offered and it may be that in some occasional event or moment more than one may be temporarily offered.

If you do not receive the pass and want to see if you have one in your bag, you must go to it from the image in the lower center with a Pokémon figure, select the Bag option and go down the screen until you find it. If it’s not there, you’ve either used it or you’ll need to tap the gym again or enter one that has an active raid.

The different ways to get Premium Passes

Beyond the daily passes that you can get for free, there are other ways in which you can acquire passes in Pokémon Go, although you will have to pay coins for it or complete special missions that give them to you, and these are:

  • Buy them at the store. You can purchase the Premium Battle Passes or Remote Raid Passes for 100 coins, or a 3 Remote Passes pack for 300 coins. Although this way you do not save anything, it can be a good way to acquire more remote passes when the limit that you can have in the bag to buy more is 2.
  • In the special packs of the store. Generally in the Raid Pack or Ultra Special Pack you will find several passes and more objects at a much more affordable price. You just have to see which one compensates you. You can use the coins you get for free or buy them in the store with real money. Right now, for a limited time, there is a special Pack with 2 remote passes and a Premium one for 250 coins.
  • In some Pack of events, free daily or limited offers. You can check these packs to find out if any of them have a Premium or remote pass.
  • In misions. In some special or temporary missions they can offer you free passes for completing some task or a set of them, although not in all.


  • Special Ex Passes. By raiding Ex Raid Gyms to do special raids. Currently not available for years, but could return at any time. These gyms are still marked, so if you walk into the gym you will see it right above its name.