Learn how to bring the Internet to every room in your house

That the connection is not slow in different points of a house has a solution. Although, depending on what we want, by WiFi or cable, the method that we will have to use will take a little more work. But, without a doubt, we will achieve in one way or another that the Internet is no longer slow, even though we are far from the router.

In order to expand the Internet connection in a home, we are going to see both the options that we have available if we want to extend the WiFi network in a house, as well as the alternatives that can best suit us if what we are looking for is to use a cable connection.

how to bring the Internet to every room in your house

Extend the Internet network at home

If you want to extend the Internet connection in a house , there are different methods to achieve it, both the WiFi network and the cable connection. Therefore, we are going to see the five options that we have available to expand the Internet.

WIFI repeater

One of the most used alternatives, and not for less, are WiFi repeaters. Even if we have to buy this device, the truth is that it will help us to amplify the router’s wireless signal to other corners of the house without problems. In addition, it is not difficult to configure it at all.

Some of the models that we can find even give us the option of connecting by cable. So, if this interests you, take a good look that in its characteristics it says that it has an Ethernet port. What is certain is that we will be able to improve the Internet connection .

Repetidor WiFi

old router

If we have an old WiFi router at home , we will not have to buy anything. It will only be necessary to configure it correctly so that we can amplify the wireless connection perfectly in that area of the house where the signal does not reach very well.

Basically, we will be in front of a router that will act as a repeater . Even, as with these, we can also connect devices via cable, since these types of devices always have ports. In addition, it is a good way to give a second life to a router that we have kept at home.

reciclar viejo router

Wi-Fi mesh systems

Within the methods or possibilities that we have, we also find the well-known WiFi Mesh systems . In this case, we find a device that will act as the main one, the access point or router, and next to it, another series of access points known as nodes or satellites.

Here the difference with respect to repeaters is found in that, in this type of system, the network nodes are connected to each other and not only to the router. Therefore, in this way, a notable improvement in the signal is achieved, since the nodes are in charge of distributing the network throughout the home without us having to do anything else.

Sistema WiFi Mesh

PLC devices

Another device that we can use is the PLC. In this case, this type of device makes use of the home’s electrical network to bring the Internet connection from the router to a second device with which it is intended to expand the connection of a room or area of the house. And it is not only used for the WiFi network, but there are also models that have the possibility of connecting devices via cable.

In addition, the installation is quite simple , one connects to the router, since it will receive the Internet signal, and the second device will be connected to a socket, which will be in charge of emitting said signal. Of course, it is convenient to avoid plugging them into the power strips. In these cases, as a recommendation, the ideal is that they are connected directly to the socket that we have on a wall in the house.


ethernet cables

This last option may be the most laborious. Everything will depend on the construction of your house, since, in new constructions , for example, it is already common for all rooms to have female network sockets . So it is much easier to connect the devices via cable, be it a PC, console or Smart TV.

However, not everyone will have the same luck, so the basic alternative is to run Ethernet cables around the home . For this, we will need many meters of cable and to carry out the installation correctly so that the cable is not lying on the ground either. Although, without a doubt, it is one of the best options to get the most out of the fiber speed that we have contracted.

cables ethernet