How to know if someone is using your Netflix account (where and when)

know if someone is using your Netflix account

Netflix has added a new feature to its control panel that will let you know who is using the profiles created in your Netflix account, from where, and even at what time they logged in. This is a new, more detailed panel from which you will be able to know in great detail which profiles are being used out of all the ones you have created and, most importantly, if there is someone who is using it and should not .

Manage access and devices on Netflix

Netflix acceso usuarios

Although the function already existed, Netflix wanted to go deeper into user control of their platform profiles. As you well know, a Netflix account can create up to 5 different profiles (4 users and 1 child) so that various members of a family can have their own personal criteria, history and selection of recommendations depending on their tastes.

This is obviously used for another purpose, as users share accounts with friends and strangers with the idea of sharing the cost of the subscription as well. At the moment, Netflix has not prevented this, but it seems that it is taking the first steps to prevent it. Is this new function the prelude to what is to come?

Prevent your ex from accessing your Netflix account

Netflix acceso usuarios

If for any reason, any of the users who access your account should no longer be able to access it, you can now more accurately expel them. And it is that until now we had to orient ourselves by the city or area from which they logged in, something quite confusing if we take into account that several users could log in from the same area , not to mention the remote cities that appear due to jumps caused by the service provider (do you appear to log in in another province? Don’t worry, it’s normal).

Now, accessing the access control panel (we leave you a link below), you will see a table with the different logins detailing aspects such as:

  • The user chosen to log in.
  • Location from where you logged in.
  • Last time you played any content.
  • Device from which you logged in.
  • IP address from which you are logging in.

Taking all these details into account, it will now be easier for you to identify who may be accessing the accounts. Obviously, once the law has been made, the cheat has been made, since whoever wanted to mislead could make use of the other existing accounts (if they exist) to make the situation a bit dizzy. Anyway, by the IP and the city you could easily identify the intruder.

This is also useful if you were at a hotel or a friend’s house and used your login to watch Netflix. If you forgot to log out, you can now do it remotely with greater ease and without login issues or errors.

Banned forever?

No, logging out will not prevent that person from ever being able to log into your account again. The next step you should do is change the password, or else you will log in again as usual.

Is Netflix going to prevent us from sharing the password?

At the moment nothing is known about it, and all these measures are nothing more than simple approaches to an issue that is still in limbo.