They have created a 12-inch Full HD and functional Nintendo Switch

12-inch Full HD and functional Nintendo Switch

You may have previously seen giant Switch projects based on a television hanging on the wall with two shelves on each side in the form of Joy-Cons on social networks, but what you are going to see today is completely different. It is the closest thing to a giant Nintendo Switch. What’s more, it’s a giant Nintendo Switch , and 12.5 inches to be exact.

Nintendo Switch, finally, with Full HD

Nintendo Switch Gigante

Nintendo users have been clamoring for a Nintendo Switch with a Full HD display for a long time, but far from the little sense that would make (as long as we’re worried about battery life), it seems someone has decided to grant wishes with something big. And when we say big, we mean very big.

Pavlo Khmel is a tinkering and electronics enthusiast who decided to give a different touch to his console. Realizing that the Switch runs more powerful when docked, he decided to create a 3D-printed case to house the console and connect it to an external Full HD HDMI display that he would power from a portable battery.

The project worked like a charm, and made it possible to maintain a “portable” console, squeezing the full potential of Switch. But this was not enough for good old Khmel.

A real laptop

The idea that crossed his mind is to truly complete the project, since the work was still a screen connected to the Switch. To do this, he decided to include speakers and the possibility of including third-party Joy-Cons that allow for a better grip (you have to support the weight of the inches of the screen), although all this forced him to redesign his personalized case.

The solution was to redesign in 3D a plastic casing that would house the new components, including the new external battery that allows the dock, console, speakers, and screen to be powered at the same time.

A 12-inch Switch

Nintendo Switch Gigante

The result is what you see, a perfectly portable 12-inch Switch (to carry on your back, of course), which is also capable of enduring 5 hours of operation as has been demonstrated by playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 continuously. The quality of 3D printing can be a bit imperfect, but in the end it gets the job done.

It has created a completely autonomous adapter that allows you to transform the Nintendo Switch into a 12-inch laptop with Full HD resolution, and to top it off, when connected to the dock, the console’s performance doubles when you believe it is connected to a TV.

Whether you can take it with you wherever you want is possibly a personal matter, but you won’t deny that the product is finished, and there is nothing to stop you from taking it to the park to continue playing Pokémon Scarlet and Purple in Full HD resolution and in a 12-inch size. Oh, and if you want you can rest it on the support that it has integrated and play with a wireless controller. There are endless possibilities!