How to Know How Much Free RAM Memory a Xiaomi Mobile Has

RAM is one of those components that must always be taken into account when buying a new smartphone, and users do not always notice it. However, it is one of the most important hardware characteristics of any mobile, including Xiaomi terminals. Therefore, the more it has, the more applications we can open at the same time and the more fluid our smartphone will go.

Therefore, learn more details about it and, above all, the simple fact of seeing how much we have left on our mobile device. Fortunately, the Asian firm offers us different possibilities to check how much free space it has and which apps take up the most RAM. Basically, because the more apps we use at the same time, the performance of the mobile will be worse and also the consumption of the battery of the terminal will increase greatly.

How Much Free RAM Memory a Xiaomi Mobile Has

Which apps take up more RAM in your Xiaomi?

At present we can find mobiles with large amounts of GB in this memory. However, this does not mean that we do not have to be aware of her at any time. For those who do not know what this storage of our smartphones is about, we are facing a random access memory that stores information about the different applications that are running on our mobile at a certain time.

So, unlike flash storage, RAM will store volatile information. This means that, once any type of app that we have installed on our smartphone is closed, the space that had been occupied in it is freed.

And although, nowadays, the Android operating system, together with MIUI, are capable of taking care of most of the problems that occur with certain apps when it comes to freeing up memory, sometimes a poorly programmed app can consume more space than it should by mistake.

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In addition, it is not the only case that can lead to greater consumption of an app. Well, it is also the case that a mobile with few resources, of this type of storage, executes a certain application that needs more space. However, whatever the reason, it will always be an advantage to be able to see the use of RAM that our Xiaomi apps are doing.

And the best of all is that, unlike other smartphone firms, the process that we will have to carry out for those who use the customization layer of MIUI 11 or higher is quite easy. Therefore, you will have to go to Settings> Applications> Manage applications .

Once we have entered this section we will be able to see a list of apps. Those that have an icon on the left, below the name, are the ones that are currently running. In addition, we will clearly see the space they occupy. In this way we can locate which applications consume more space in our Xiaomi terminal in order to see if there is an alternative for this or if it will be better to uninstall it in order to achieve better performance on our mobile device.

The trick to always see RAM

Xiaomi is one of those brands that hides different functions that give life to users. One of these own tools that we find among its software helps us to see the RAM consumed by each installed app, as we have explained previously in the previous section.

Although it is not the only one that we find in its software layer, although to enjoy this little trick, specifically, we must have the MIUI 12 version . As much as smartphones increasingly have more space of this type, applications and games require more of it over time. Therefore, the fact of managing it in our Xiaomi will be essential if we want it to work with incredible fluidity.

But, as we said, to be able to manage this memory , MIUI has a practical tool within its settings that will allow us to know, at any time, the RAM that remains to be used and how much is being used. In this way we can know if it will be necessary to act or not.

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In addition, it will be very useful to know this data until Xiaomi is committed to implementing the action of increasing RAM through virtual technology in all its mobile devices. Until then, we will only have to review it on our own. To do this, we must carry out the following steps with which we will be able to show the free space that we still have on the terminal screen:

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Enter the Home screen section.
  3. Once inside, click on the switch that appears next to Show memory status .

Once these steps are done, we will have activated this option with which the amount of this remaining storage will be displayed when multitasking is opened. So allowing us to take better control of it at any time while using our mobile device. And all this without having to install third-party applications.

Is it good to free this memory of the mobile?

The reality is that the operating system itself does it for us, so it is better not to intervene in this process. However, it doesn’t always act the right way. So on some occasions, it will be necessary for us to lend a hand to our mobile if we want it to have the same performance as always.

Although, it must be borne in mind that when we release this memory, that information disappears as it is from it. So, if it is the case that we want to reuse any of the apps that were previously open, the system itself will have to load them back into RAM , so this will cause a considerable increase in battery power consumption. of our smartphone.

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In the event that this memory is truly saturated, it is better that we act so that the mobile performs better. But, we recommend that you do not install any type of third-party software on the terminal that promises to do it for you. Well, it will be even worse for the terminal, its performance and even its battery.

If you need to free up space on such storage, there are a few ways you can do it quickly and easily. The first step will be to close all the applications that are in the background. On a Xiaomi smartphone it will be as easy as touching the applications button in the background and sliding those that we want to close to the side.

Although we also have the option of being able to force the stop of one of them through the settings. To do this, we must go to Settings> Applications> Manage applications and click on the list that we want to close. If it is running, we will have to click on the Force stop button.