How to Increase the Screen Time on Mobile Phones

How to Increase the Screen Time on Mobile Phones

Among the most annoying things that can happen to us while we are using the mobile, we find that the screen turns off prematurely while, for example, we are reading or watching some content. This is due to a pre-established time that mobile phones have in their settings and that luckily, we can modify at will to have more time to see the mobile without having to touch the screen again.

The option can be run on any smartphone, both Android and iPhone, but the steps to follow are different in each case. The customization layers also affect this option and for that reason we will take everything into account so that you can modify the screen time on your smartphone to your liking and need.

Steps to change when screen turns off on Android

The process to follow in Android for any of its latest versions is the same, a process that we will then extrapolate to the rest of the customization layers with its variable options. The terminals with Android Stock are the ones that have access to this type of possibilities, focusing especially on the Google Pixel, since they add a function that other smartphones without layers or with layers do not add. These are the steps that we must follow:

tiempo pantalla encendida android

  • We enter the mobile settings.
  • Now we touch on screen.
  • Then we select “Screen timeout”.
  • From here we can choose from a wide variety of screen time on.

To further complete this option, the Google Pixel and some few smartphones with Android Stock, offer the option called ” Attentive screen “. With this option activated, the smartphone will never turn off the screen while we are holding the mobile and reading content. Based on the gyroscope and other sensors, the terminal is able to recognize that we are paying attention to the screen so as not to turn it off prematurely.

Do not let the screen turn off on your Xiaomi

To choose a different screen time on Xiaomi, the options do not change too much with respect to the other Android. In this case, the process is valid for Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones, that is, all those that use MIUI. The change can also be made effective from the MIUI 9 version onwards with the same process.

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This time the process also starts from the Settings, then going to the Lock screen and finally clicking on “Suspend”. It will be then when we can choose between turning it off at least at 15 seconds and at most at 10 minutes or never. In Xiaomi terminals there is no option so that the screen does not turn off while we look at it, at least for now in MIUI 12.

You decide the screen time on Samsung

Samsung terminals with One UI go a step further when choosing how long we want the mobile screen to stay on. Of course, we can choose the type of screen for a preset time with the rest of the options that we have seen so far, but there is also an extra option. In this case, the steps begin in Settings> Screen and then we enter “Screen timeout” to decide between 15 seconds or 10 minutes.

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To further complete the options, terminals with One UI in any of its versions, can enter the Settings, to then search for “Movements and gestures”. From here we will have access to the Smart Stay panel, which gives us the option to activate it so that the mobile does not turn off while we are looking at it. This option came to Samsung before the Google Pixel and in this case it works through the position of the mobile and small intervals of use with the front camera so that the panel is on if we are really looking at it.

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Huawei and its solutions to not turn off the screen

The manufacturer Huawei and the developers of EMUI allow us to take advantage of the control of screen time envy with the classic method and with an advanced one. In this first case there is no requirement beyond having a Huawei or EMUI mobile and then what we will do is enter Settings> Screen and brightness, to finally touch on “Sleep”. Here we will select the desired time for the screen to turn off after having used it.

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But the development of EMUI 10 and the other versions brought with it an important change, being able to choose a method that also based on the position of the mobile and on our face, ensures that the screen does not turn off. What we have to do in this case is to enter Settings> Biometric data and password, followed after the option “Facial recognition” where we will find the option called “Keep the screen on while you are looking at it”.

Realme and OPPO display options

Both brands share many of their options and this is one of them, that is why in Realme smartphones in any of its versions of the customization layer, as with OPPO, the process to modify the screen time on is as follows. we explain.

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You just have to enter the Settings, touch on Screen and brightness, and then choose “Automatic screen deactivation”. A menu of options will be displayed, ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. In these terminals we do not yet have the option for the camera, software or hardware to help not pay for the panel when looking at it.

And in the rest of mobiles?

In all the other smartphones that we have not mentioned, the process will be similar to that of the Android terminals with which we started. In all of them, we can make use of the Android search tool within the settings. You just have to write “screen time” or “screen on” and we find the option quickly.

Set the lock time on iPhones

Apple smartphones do not differ as much as on other occasions with the Android operating system. The process in this case is very similar, although more limited, since we will not be able to choose that the screen does not turn off with the help of any type of added technology. To modify it manually we will do the following:

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  • We enter the iPhone Settings.
  • We access Screen and brightness.
  • We choose Automatic blocking.
  • Finally we change the time or choose never so that it does not turn off.