Tips and Tricks to Keep Surveillance Systems Secure

surveillance-systemSecurity is a factor that must be maintained regardless of the type of devices or systems we are using. It is necessary to prevent the entry of threats that put our equipment at risk and may affect privacy. Today we are going to talk about it. Let’s focus on surveillance systems . We are going to give some advice on how to protect the security in this type of devices. We do not want that instead of protecting they can affect our privacy.

How to protect surveillance systems

Like any other device, surveillance systems can be attacked. Intruders could enter our network and put our equipment at risk. That is why it is necessary to take into account a series of basic tips that we will explain. In total we will give 10 recommendations that we believe are essential.

Change factory settings

One of the first steps we must take is to change the factory settings . It is necessary to avoid possible problems that put our devices at risk. This is something that must be applied to any type of device, but especially when it comes to security and surveillance systems.

With this we mean changing the configuration that comes from the factory, since sometimes it can be easily attacked by possible intruders who gather the necessary knowledge for it.

Encrypt correctly with password

Of course you cannot miss a good password . We need to encrypt our devices well. A strong key must contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. Only then can we create an effective barrier to prevent the entry of intruders that compromise our security and privacy.

Enable two-factor authentication

This is something that is increasingly present in devices and systems. It basically consists of putting a second barrier that protects us from the threat of entry. It is a way to prevent someone who had found out our password from accessing the devices. For this to happen I would need that second step in the form of code.

Always keep the systems updated

Another important measure to protect surveillance systems is to have the devices updated correctly. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that may put our equipment at risk. Security flaws that are exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. It is essential that we always have the latest firmware versions installed.

Properly protect the router

In the same way that it is essential to protect the surveillance systems themselves, it will also be necessary to protect the router . It is the most important step to prevent the entry of intruders into our network.

For this it is essential that the router has a Wi-Fi password that is complex , as well as adequate encryption. Obsolete encryption such as WEP must be avoided, in addition to changing the factory settings. Thus we will create a really secure network.

Take into account possible safety aspects

Nowadays most devices of this type have different security aspects that we can configure . It is a good idea to see these options that we have at our disposal and take into account the possibility of activating all those that really improve our security and privacy.

Be careful with the accessories

Something we must take care of is the accessories we install. Sometimes we are able to add software that helps us in our day to day. They can have very useful functions. However, we must also bear in mind that it can host malware and compromise our computers.

It is essential that we install software only from official sources. A way to preserve security and avoid problems that compromise our surveillance systems.

Seguridad de las cámaras

Learn about the manufacturer and opinions

When buying a surveillance system and making sure that reliability and proper functioning will be present, a good idea is always to inform yourself about the manufacturer. We can also read opinions on the Internet and assess whether what we are going to acquire is really safe or not.

Beware of other connected devices

Normally we will be able to connect other devices . This means that we may have added functions when using other equipment connected to this surveillance system. Now that can also mean a problem for security. It is important that we control which devices we are going to connect.

Check settings frequently

Finally, one more tip is to check the settings frequently. It is important that we see that everything works correctly, that there are no pending updates, etc. It is also interesting to change the access password periodically to increase the guarantees.