Keep the iPhone 12 away from your heart if you have a pacemaker

Keep the iPhone 12 away from your heart if you have a pacemaker

Nowadays, smartphones increasingly have more innovative technology that just three years ago did not have. As is the case of the magnetic charge that we can see in all iPhone 12 models. Although, other brands such as Realme, have already begun to bet on this as well.

However, not all of it is good news, not for the simple fact that these technologies make our lives easier, as in this case it is the load of our mobile devices, but that it can affect the health of certain people. We mean that experts have begun to recommend that it will be necessary to keep them 15 centimeters away from the medical devices that people have implanted. But why?

Move your iPhone 12 away from your pacemaker

Everything has emerged from a report by researchers who are part of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the United States Food and Drug Administration. And, these experts talk about the new magnetic charging technology that the latest Apple smartphones have implanted can lead to affect the heart devices that people have implanted, such as pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators .

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And it is that these devices are introduced into the heart of people in order to help different heart rhythm disorders. In addition, these have a magnet mode which is designed to be used when a patient has to be intervened in a surgical process where different electromagnetic interferences can be produced.

However, the fact that has really attracted attention is that, as it was already known, this function may be activated accidentally when the magnetic fields are higher than 10G, affecting its operation and even to the point of causing damage. serious to the patient in question.

Now, according to this study, it has been shown that the technology of these iPhone 12 have fields greater than this figure, so they are powerful enough to enable this magnet mode that cardiac devices have today.

Therefore, they warn, and recommend as a preventive measure, that these smartphones be kept 15 centimeters away from the implanted medical device, as is the case with pacemakers. Although, they believe that “the risk to patients is low,” as stated by Seth J. Seidman, Research Electrical Engineer and Consultant for the CDRH EMC program.