Download all iPhone and Mac default wallpapers

iphone-wallpaperDo you remember the snow leopard wallpaper? And the clownfish of the first iPhone? Well, if you want to make some memory and give your phone or computer a vintage touch, you can always download any of these wallpapers from Apple’s history .

Download all iOS default wallpapers

Fondos de pantalla iOS

This album of Google Photos collects each and every one of the funds that have been appearing in each of the versions of iOS and iPad OS, starting from the first wallpaper that the original iPhone received, to the animated backgrounds of the iPhone 11. In total, no less than 523 images that review the different aspects that have given life to Apple’s portable devices.

Wallpapers for the iPhone , for the iPad and even for the odd iPod. All official images at original size so you can download them and place them on the device you prefer. In addition to the official wallpapers, others of different style used in advertising promotions are included, so if you ever saw an official image of Apple with a background that you liked, you will probably find it here.

You will also be able to appreciate how the designs have evolved to more abstract designs and with a more striking visual aspect, leaving behind the traditional photographs that dressed the first versions of iOS.

Download all macOS default wallpapers

Fondos de pantalla macOS

But if what you were looking for were the wallpapers for your Apple desktop, this other gallery will cover your needs to spare. No less than 453 wallpapers that cover from the legendary System 7 that was launched in 1991, to the most recent macOS Catalina, also including special backgrounds such as those included in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, others prepared for the iMac with 5K screen or other special events like the Apple Watch.

The best of these two albums, is that its creator constantly updates them as new versions of the operating system arrive, so you can always take a look to do with the latest news. Has a new iPhone been released? The album will be updated with the new wallpapers. Has a new version of macOS arrived? All wallpapers will be available for download. You know, save the links in your favorites list.