Is the Night Mode of our phones a lie?

The Night Mode of the iPhone was one of the first to reach the market, after being added to iOS in 2016 with the excuse of filtering the blue light of our phones to preserve eye health when the sun goes down. However, this tool could be completely useless after discovering that blue light is not as harmful as it seems. Moreover, the human being would need it to fall asleep.

The main objective of the Night Mode of our devices is to reduce the blue light emitted by the screen of the mobile or tablet in order to eliminate the tension of our eyes while using the terminal late at night. Both Apple phones and those that work with the Google operating system have similar features to protect users’ eye health and help fall asleep.

smartphone en la cama

However, researchers at the University of Manchester state, after having conducted a study, that this “blue light filter” could be doing more harm than good. To prove it, they have performed an experiment with mice that we expose below.

The controversy of the Night Mode of your mobile

The researchers started from the basis that we all find more yellow light during the day because the sun stars in the central hours of the day, while when it falls, during twilight the light is more blue. Therefore, our bodies are more likely to associate blue light with bedtime and filtering this type of light will complicate our rest.


The experiments of the study with mice confirmed that working with blue colors produces weaker effects on the circadian rhythm of the mice, which indicates that in reality the tool of our mobiles should do just the opposite of what Night Mode does.

Our findings suggest that the use of a dimmer blue light at night and warmer in the day may be more beneficial than the current system

However, the study makes a note that goes beyond the hue of the screen, since the brightness levels are more important than the color itself and, at nightfall and ambient light, obviously the brightness of The screen should be minimized.

Do you use the Night Mode of your phone daily? If so … Do you notice any improvement in your vision and in the ease of falling asleep? Leave your answer in the comments of this news.