Fortnite does not work on your iPhone? Problems with the update

Again, iPhone users are having problems after a Fortnite update , and it is not the first time. The problem has helped after the update to version V11.31, which has just launched Epic Games and has a good handful of new features. According to several users, after this update they are unable to enter the game.

Although the problem has not been identified yet and Epic Games has not been pronounced, it seems that it is affecting iPhone users, with greater number of incidents in those who have an iPhone 7.


The problem is a kind of “paradox” that does not Let the game start after the last update. Although there is nothing confirmed, the problem seems focused on this brand and model, since Android and console players have reported normal operation on social networks.

What is the problem

When trying to start Fortnite, the classic message appears indicating that the game must be updated in order to play. This is common due to the synchronization of content after each patch. However, users who report the error, indicate that in the A pp Store there is no update available, so they can neither start the game nor move on to the new version. As we say, the failure has occurred just after the last update of the game that starts with the last winter festival and that brings new gifts and challenges.

There’s a solution?

It is not the first time that an update of Fortnite generates headaches in iPhone users. At the moment Epic Games has not responded to comments from affected users, so we can expect that they are already working on the solution. However, when similar errors have occurred, Epic has recommended that you uninstall the game and reinstall it.

On iPhone just leave the game icon pressed and press the “X” to remove it. Then we will have to go back to the App Store and look for Fortnite to reinstall it. In this way we can check if the error persists, or the update has been carried out without problems.

Fortnite instalacion

Is it Apple thing?

Sometimes it is Apple itself that may delay the release of some updates, since the App Store filter must check any new version before being officially launched. Some Fortnite players remember that the iPhone has also taken some other important event updates.

Whether it is a real failure or a simple delay, it occurs at a time when many users are willing to try the news of the new Fortnite Winter Festival, where users can unwrap a new gift daily for 14 days . Also included are two suits, two delta wings, two spikes, two wrappers, a gesture and more novelties.