Is Roblox a danger to children?

Is Roblox a danger to children

Surely more than one has discovered that their children are great fans of watching videos on the Internet of a video game that was released many years ago, we are talking about Roblox . And the truth is that, although it is considered by many as a copy of Minecraft, it was born 5 years before the famous game. Although like each title, you have many differences that make it different from the rest.

However, in recent years it has started to take off more, ceasing to be somewhat less under the shadow of Minecraft. For this reason, it is normal for many parents to wonder if they can really be calm by letting their children play this video game, which is also available for mobile devices. So it will not be necessary that they have to have a computer at hand.

What to know about Roblox

One of the first aspects that we will have to take a look at is whether it is qualified with a minimum age so that children can play it without any problems . In this case, Roblox does not have an age mark, so any user can create an account, a character and start playing, as well as the fact of joining groups, talking to people and being part of a community.


However, like most games that have an online part, this title has some safety precautions, especially for younger children. However, in the case of going online, you can always find users who do not have very good intentions, so you will have to pay a lot of attention in this regard. For this reason, the Common Sense Media company that is responsible for making reviews of different sources of entertainment such as cinema or video games, classifies it as suitable for those over 13 years of age .

In addition, we are facing a title in which each user has the freedom to create and make their own games, since we are facing one of those video games in which others can be created. For this reason, the users themselves can sell, publish, buy and exchange different elements. This is why it has a dangerous spot for young children. Of course, you can enjoy it for free , since it has a free to play version.

It must also be appreciated that, in this type of titles, and especially mobile ones, there are different ways to achieve special abilities when creating their games, weapons or other exclusive elements in a faster way, that is, by way of of payment. For this reason, the ideal will be to use the parental controls that Roblox offers us to restrict certain points. Like the fact of the interaction with other people or even adding keys so that they do not play when we are not present.