Is It Time to Change Your Mobile Screen Protector?

Is It Time to Change Your Mobile Screen Protector

Screen protectors have become essential accessories for our mobile phones. Being able to count on them allows us to carry a day to day with the mobile much more comfortable and without frights. But these elements are not eternal, and there are some symptoms that advance us that perhaps it is time to retire it for a new one.

It is becoming more and more common to see how together with our new mobile, in addition to a case or charger, a screen protector is supplied, which sometimes is even placed at the factory, something that is appreciated because it protects the phone greatly.

When the protector screams for you to change it

When we talk about screen protectors, we do it from those traditional tempered glass, which add a layer of security to the screen, and in most cases prevents it from breaking and being irreversibly damaged.

Cristal templado resistiendo martillazos

But these protectors also suffer the passage of time, so we must be attentive to those signs that remind us that it may be a good time to update the screen protector for a new one. We can understand that the screen protector of our phone is on the last in these cases:

It starts to peel off

When we see that the corners of the protector begin to detach and lift, we can start considering changing this tempered glass. And it is that when it is lifted in the corners it is more likely that dirt remains between it and the screen, which in some cases could cause the screen to be scratched. It is clear that if you are losing your grip, the evolution will always get worse.

More opaque

One of the essential characteristics of a screen protector is that it is completely transparent, thanks to this we will not notice a difference between having it on the screen or not wearing it. The problem is that with the passage of time, sunlight, dirt and other aspects, the screen protector becomes more and more opaque, which reduces the experience of using the phone. If you notice this effect, it will also be a good time to retire it.

Too many scratches

As in the previous section, scratches on the protector indicate clear wear on the protector. Although it is a good sign, since we know that those scratches have not been taken by the terminal screen. But the problem is that if we allow these scratches to accumulate on the screen, in the end we will also notice a decrease in image quality, in the fidelity of this with respect to a screen that did not have one of these protectors.

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If your protector meets some of these symptoms, it is probably time to retire the screen protector, since it will have lost some of its essential characteristics, and in the long run it could give us some fright, by not protecting the screen in the same way. screen of our phone.