The Foldable Google Pixel Would Be Much Closer Than We Think

Foldable Google Pixel

It seems that the folding mobile segment is finally more lively than ever. This week we have met two new Samsung models, and we also have others from Xiaomi, Huawei, or Motorola on the market. And it seems that the next that will offer its alternative in this segment is Google , which seems closer than ever to launching its foldable Pixel .

It’s not the first time we’ve heard or read rumors about the first Mountain View foldable. But now these even put a release date on it, and it seems that it could be much closer than we had thought.

The great banner of Android 12?

Seeing how things are evolving, it gives us the feeling that the first folding phone of the firm could become the great showcase of Android 12, the new version of the operating system that, as we have already seen, will be one of the most revolutionary of the last years. At the moment it is risky to talk about when it will arrive, but the reality is that the beta 4 of Android 12 has revealed the existence of a phone that is probably this foldable. Specifically, it has been in the Android 12 camera app where these four terminals have been seen.

Foldable Google Pixel

These are called Oriole, Raven, Passport, and Slider . The first two are known to be the new Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro that we will officially meet in the fall. And of the other two that appear in this list, it is thought that the Passport is actually the folding model that has been talked about so much. Therefore, the Google camera app would already contemplate the existence of this phone, something that we had not seen until now. And that therefore confirms that the phone would be much closer than we think, already entering the developments of other Google apps.

Premiere… In the fall?

We knew there is a folding Pixel in the works, but no one had put a date on it. Now rumors suggest that it would not be far-fetched if the phone could be introduced this fall . The truth is that this forecast seems a bit daring to us. Although knowing Google and what it likes to launch teaser of all kinds to advance new devices, it is not ruled out that the Mountain View firm can give us some advance of this phone during the presentation of the new Google Pixel 6.

Foldable Google Pixel

That Google launch a folding phone is not only important at the hardware level, since we always expect the best from these devices. Rather, since it is a phone with a completely new format for the Californian firm, we could see drastic changes in the Android interface in the coming months, aimed at improving the experience of using the system with folding mobiles as much as possible.

Source> Gizchina