Is it necessary to root a mobile currently?

Is it necessary to root a mobile currently

Rooting your mobile phone is a practice that allows you to open an almost infinite range of possibilities for customizing the operating system. Through it you can modify various aspects of the device and provide it with an appearance to our liking.

Root is an element that we have been seeing on Android since time immemorial. This not only guarantees you the possibility of altering the aesthetics, but also of making the most of the functions that the smartphone brings, although is it currently worth it?

Things have changed

It was quite common a few years ago to see a huge number of rooted terminals. This was because both the Android software and the respective manufacturers’ customization layers had quite limited tools .

Android 12

Currently, in full deployment of the new version of Android and with the software of the different companies developed, it is not profitable to carry out the root for various reasons. First of all, because Android 12 brings with it multiple ways to personalize your mobile, such as dynamic wallpapers. On the other hand, it can generate certain irreparable risks that, given the capabilities of current smartphones, are not worth taking.

What kind of problems

It is not an excessively complicated procedure , especially considering the huge number of tutorials that you can find on the Internet. However, simply starting the process comes with some problems.

The first is to say goodbye to the warranty . This means that any kind of errors or damage suffered by the phone will not be covered by the manufacturer, so the only option will be to pay for the damage or for a new mobile.

Android hacer root

Not only that, but the simple fact of rooting the terminal disables certain security parameters that can be very dangerous if we are not careful afterwards. Not to mention that a mistake could mean blocking the device or that some applications will deny you access. It is true that it can be avoided, but the control over the root must be very high.

Today the disadvantages far outweigh the benefits of rooting a smartphone. That is why we believe that the risk is not worth taking. Even so, if you have a lot of experience in this matter, it is likely that you will continue to take advantage of it. On the other hand, if you intend to start your way, it is possible that your train has already passed.