These are the most horrendous phone cases

The usual thing when buying a new mobile phone is to ensure that it does not suffer any damage and treat it with great care. One way to protect it against any kind of inconvenience is to opt for a good cover, although this is a rather difficult decision on certain occasions.

most horrendous phone cases

Not only does the resistance it provide matter, you also have to take into account the aesthetic aspect . The amount of protectors that you can find in the market is abysmal, there are some that even charge your phone, although others exceed the limits of human imagination. Therefore, today we do not bring the most recommended cases for your phone, but rather those that you should never buy due to how horrible they are.

The return of the isopods

This species of prehistoric marine crustacean was quite common millions of years ago and has returned in the form of a case for your mobile.

Funda fea

In addition to being truly uncomfortable, do not create any type of security by approaching this animal’s ear. In fact, it creates a lot of repellence .

A cover, lobster?

From one marine animal to another. To store this lobster-shaped case you will need to carry a fairly large bag .

Funda langosta

Unlike the previous one, which could protect the device in the event of a fall upside down, the lobster case does not seem to be really resistant . Although it could serve as a defense weapon.

Protect your mobile … and you

It is surprising how many protective covers you can find in this class. The peculiar thing is that it seems, a priori, quite hard and not as spacious as the previous ones.

Funda puño americano

With it you will protect your terminal and probably your life , since hardly someone will want to rob you if they see such a case.

There is a snake on my cell phone!

It is common to find clothes made from certain animal skins in some stores, but we have never seen anything like this cover.

Funda serpiente

You have to like snakes a lot for you to opt for it. The cobra cover is not only unpleasant to look at, it is also not made from reptile skin.

Something “discreet”

It is difficult to understand how some have reached the market, but there may be very strange people to buy this “discreet” case in the shape of a giant ear.

Funda oreja gigante

Let’s be honest: at least of the ones present here is the one that most guarantees you the protection that, after all, is what you are looking for …

Do you like the Addams Family?

If you are passionate about the film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, you are in luck. It is true that it will not walk on its own, but if you need support this hand will always be there when you need it.

Funda con forma de mano

The best of all is that, depending on the ad in which they present this incredible case, you can customize it to your liking and even choose between a boy’s or a girl’s hand. Something that is very cloudy if you stop to think.