Is a Mac worth it to record podcasts?

Macs are one of the best computers on the market and have a large number of outputs, including video or photo editing. And it is that they are computers that have very good features and that work quite well and do not generate almost any problems. However, there are those who question whether these computers are practical and useful for other types of uses, such as streaming broadcasts or recording podcasts. In this post, we tell you the reasons why a Mac can be a very good option to record a podcast from home.

Nowadays, podcasts have become one of the most listened to forms of entertainment, and more and more people are choosing to record one from home, either alone or in company. To record a podcast, in addition to having a microphone, of course, you need a powerful computer that allows you to record and edit audio easily and comfortably. That’s why a Mac can be a very good option for recording, and it has certain points that make it ideal for producing your own podcast.

Is a Mac worth it to record podcasts

For these reasons it is worth

You have several very complete options to be able to record a podcast from your home with a Mac computer, and some of the ones that we are going to tell you about have been developed by the same Cupertino company. This makes it much easier since you don’t have to download third-party or recording-specific apps, but with a microphone and your Mac you can record.

podcast mac One of Apple‘s official solutions is Garageband. Although with the latest updates it is not specifically made to record podcasts in its current version. But if you’re lucky, you can still find version 6 of the application, which is capable of recording podcasts offering good editing options, in a folder within the system applications directory. It is a free option, although the bad news is that Apple no longer officially supports this version. Some people are using Garageband to record, although they have to do it in song format and using the vocal tracks. Although it is not the best option to record podcasts, it may be feasible to edit them with the highest possible quality.

However, Apple has another solution that can be more effective but is often forgotten and yet it is much simpler and for those who do not want to get too complicated with editing. This option is about QuickTime, a player that you can also find in the applications folder, it allows you to record audio using the Mac’s microphone or even an external one. Do not expect too many wonders to modify that audio, but to record simple voice it is one of the simplest solutions. QuickTime is part of the pre-installed applications of macOS so it is completely free. Although it doesn’t offer a lot of options for recording, it is one of the easiest ways to start recording without any hassle.

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