5 functions of the Apple ecosystem that you have to know

One of the main attractions that Apple sells to all users to acquire different devices from the company is the famous ecosystem, as well as all the functions that it presents and that help users make the most of their equipment. Well, in this post we are going to talk about five of them that will be great for you to be much more productive.

Ways to be more productive with the Apple ecosystem

5 functions of the Apple ecosystem that you have to know

Over time, Apple has been promoting even more everything that has to do with the Apple ecosystem. Not only do all of its products have similar design lines and work fluidly, but synergies and synchronizations are generated between them that make them the perfect team, being part of a single productivity tool. Here we talk about 5 functions of the Apple ecosystem that you have to know yes or yes.

  • One of the most popular is without a doubt AirDrop . Surely you have heard about this technology that is used to share files, documents, photos and videos, and it is without a doubt the most appropriate way that you can use whenever you want to share anything. First of all, you have to know that it can only be used between Apple devices that have both Bluetooth and WiFi activated, and it is used mainly because you can share files wirelessly and, above all, photos and videos do not lose quality.


  • Another of the functions that has been within the Apple ecosystem for the longest time is Handoff . It consists of the possibility that a user starts an activity on one device, and can finish or continue it on another. That is, you can start a search in Safari through your iPhone, and at any time you can continue it on both your Mac and iPad. To do this, you just have to have this function activated in the settings of your devices.
  • We continue talking about the rapport between different devices , and it is that in the same way that you can start an action on one device and finish it on another with Handoff, you can also work collaboratively with the different Apple teams. In this way, if you are working with your iPad in a document and you want to attach a photograph, you can do it directly with your iPhone, copy it and paste it on your iPad as if it were the same computer. You can also be making a text document on your Mac, and at the same time consulting information on your iPad so that if you have to copy a specific text, you can do it on the iPad and then paste it on the Mac.
  • One of the star functions within the Apple ecosystem and, above all, among users who have a Mac and an iPad is Universal Control. With this feature you can control these two devices with the same peripherals, meaning you can use your Mac and iPad with the same keyboard and mouse. In this way, the use of both computers when working is greatly enhanced, being able to take advantage of the benefits of both operating systems.

control universal mac ipad

  • Continuing with the iPad and the Mac, another feature that is really useful for working collaboratively between these two teams is Sidecar . With it you can use your iPad as a second Mac screen. In fact, this function allows you to “have” macOS inside an iPad, since you can interact with the elements on the screen by touch.