IQ Test: the Game to Know Your IQ

We have all had the question in our heads as to whether we are truly gifted, or simply wanted to know what our IQ is. In order to determine this value, we have to turn to psychologists to carry out the corresponding tests. But if you are just curious, you can make the determination of our IQ in the App Store.

iq test app

What is IQ?

IQ, or IQ, is an estimator of an individual’s general intelligence that was first coined by psychologist William Stern. We have always heard that a person who has a high IQ is synonymous with being extremely intelligent, although like everything in life there are many detractors of this type of measurement. In general terms, it is said that when 100 IQ points are exceeded, it is considered above the average, reaching 201 points, which is one of the levels of maximum intelligence.


That is why you yourself who are reading this post have an IQ above the average and have no idea. That is why we recommend that you spend time doing a simple smart test to determine your IQ. Obviously, the validity is provided by an intelligence test done by professionals, although with the application that we are going to bring you today you can spend quite a while entertaining.

IQ Test, the game that will let you know the IQ

As soon as we enter we will see that at the bottom the amount of tests that are available to do is detailed. If you want to start a new test, you simply have to click in the upper right corner and start configuring a new user. In this section you will be asked for basic information such as age or sex.

Once done, an instructions section will appear that we must read carefully. In these it is detailed that the test is designed to last a total of 30 minutes , although you can always make a short pause of a few minutes. In order for it to obviously be the most faithful result possible, we should do this test without any help and without writing down anything at all.

IQ Test

The questions to be asked will not require you to just do calculations or solve complicated equations, but they will pose reasoning problems. Many will use geometric figures but be careful as each block has a set time and should not be exceeded in any case. It is not worth spending hours and hours on the same question stranded.

Beyond being an application to be able to have an estimate of our IQ, it can also serve professionals of the mind to carry out their work. This is possible thanks to the fact that it uses a method that is fully approved in order to carry out the measurement.

We recommend you venture out and do it in a moment or challenge your friends and family to do it.

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