iPhone SE 2020 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Comparison

The 2020 iPhone SE has perhaps been one of the most anticipated mobiles in recent years. For four years there was much speculation with his arrival and he is finally here. Now, today we ask ourselves if it is a good purchase, for example if we compare it with a mobile near its price range, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite .

iPhone SE 2020 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

The truth is that we are dealing with two completely different concepts, and in this comparison we must highlight not only the hardware, but aspects such as design or even software, which is key in this case.

Screen and dimensions

Here we have two phones of compact size, but logically their screen format is very different. In the Apple mobile we have a phone with a small 4.7-inch screen, HD Retina Truetone resolution , 750 × 1334 pixels, with huge screen edges, like those of the iPhone 8.

iPhone SE 2020

In the case of the Samsung we have a screen with a more current format, without borders or notch, and with a compact size for this type of panel, being 6.7 inches with Full HD + resolution , and very importantly, with Super AMOLED technology. It is also compatible with HDR10 +. The dimensions of the iPhone are 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm and it weighs 148 grams, while the Samsung measures 162.5 x 75.6 x 8.1 mm and weighs 186 grams. It is more compact and lightweight by far.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 6


This is one aspect in which the iPhone SE 2020 can boast, since it has the same processor as the iPhone 11 . We are talking about the Apple A13 Bionic , but in this case, always unofficially, what we have known is that it is a version that works at a lower clock speed, so its performance is not as high.

A13 Bionic Apple

But it can be perfectly compared to that of the Snapdragon 855 , it could even surpass it in some respects. Regarding RAM, Apple never reveals this data, but it has been verified in certain tests that it would have 3GB, for the 8GB of Samsung. The internal storage of the iPhone is 64GB, by 128GB of the Samsung, in this second case expandable by microSD cards.


Photo camera

There are considerable differences here, considering that the iPhone has a single rear camera, which is heir to the iPhone XR, a good camera with a 12-megapixel sensor , but far behind that of the Samsung.

Galaxy S10 Lite

This one has three 48-sensor, 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and 16-megapixel macro , the second ultra-wide-angle. In front the Apple has a 7 megapixel sensor and the Samsung 32 megapixel. Both can record 4K video at 60fps.

iphone se 2020 negro

Battery, connectivity and software

In this regard there is no official information from Apple either, but once again thanks to the tests that have been carried out on the device, it has been found that it has an 1821mAh battery , while the Samsung has a 4500Ah battery , well over twice the bigger than the iPhone. This one has a fast charge of 18W, while the Samsung has a much faster than 45W.

iPhone SE 2020

They both have bluetooth 5.0 as well as NFC for making mobile payments. The iPhone has a fingerprint reader on the front, integrated into the classic Touch ID, while the Samsung has it integrated into the screen. Regarding the software, the iPhone has iOS 13 , Apple’s operating system, which will continue to have updates for many years. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite for its part has already been updated to Android 10 , and has at least two more updates.


If you look only at the hardware, except for the processor, the iPhone SE 2020 is clearly inferior in everything, by far. As for design, we are talking about something subjective. The trick of the mobile is its iconic design , which although outdated in the canons of Android is still very attractive to those who have always dreamed of having an iPhone. Your operating system also helps you, with a very good reputation for being safe, although in reality we know that it is not as Apple sells it. All this makes the iPhone a very attractive mobile for many people for its price of 489 euros, almost half of a traditional iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

On the opposite side we have a Samsung that we can find now for a price of around 540 euros, somewhat higher than the iPhone. But obviously here we have a much larger screen without borders , triple camera, larger battery, and ultimately more powerful hardware. They are two very different mobiles, aimed at a different audience . If you just have to see the apple logo on your phone, it is obvious that your choice should be the iPhone, there is no other alternative so cheap. If you are looking for a mobile with more modern technologies, more versatile and a large screen without giving up a compact size, your choice should be the Samsung.