How to Turn Instagram Stories into Wallpapers

A new case or a different wallpaper and your mobile phone will look like another. Possibly for this reason many users are always on the hunt and capture of new wallpapers. If you are one of them and, also, think that many of the images published in the Instagram stories would work great as a wallpaper , we are going to tell you a simple trick that you will surely like.

How to turn Instagram stories into wallpaper

Turn Instagram Stories into Wallpapers

It is increasingly common for many users to share their wallpapers through different social networks. They not only show it with a screenshot, they also usually link to the site from which you can dload it in all its available resolutions.

Still, there are also times when what you’re looking at isn’t a wallpaper as such, but it could look great. This usually happens a lot on Instagram, in the stories section to be more exact. There many users share a sunset capture or any other image that you would love to use as a wallpaper.

If you don’t mind asking him if he passes you the original image and this makes him great, but there are times when that doesn’t happen. But you can resort to a very simple trick to have it. How? Well, with a simple screenshot. But not so fast, before doing it you have to know a little detail.

If you go to Instagram stories and take a screenshot in the conventional way, you will also capture the interface of the application. Since this is not what you want, the trick to make it disappear is as simple as holding the story with a finger . The moment all the elements of the Instagram UI disappear, you can now, without letting go, capture in the traditional way according to your phone.

  1. Open the story you would like to use as wallpaper
  2. Tap the story until the Instagram UI disappears
  3. Hold still, take a screenshot
  4. Ready, you already have a new wallpaper

What do you think, easy right? Only two details, the first is that the texts or other stickers are not removed and the capture will never have the quality of the original image, but if in history you see the image in a striking and quality way, when making the capture also because the resolution will be that of the screen of the phone.

As a last recommendation, if you are looking for Instagram profiles of creative users, who are dedicated to design, photography or other similar activity and who are also active in stories, you are sure to have a wide range of possible wallpapers to choose from.

More wallpapers for your Android and iOS phone

As you can see, achieving new wallpapers through those images that other users share in their Instagram stories is very simple. But if you want even more options, there are also applications that make it easier for you to access a wide catalog of wallpapers.

For Android:

For iOS

Depending on whether you use Android or iOS, here are some apps that we highly recommend. So we hope that all this is useful for you to enjoy a new wallpaper whenever you want.