Control heating intelligently from the iPhone with these accessories

The dream of all of us is to be able to intelligently control all the accessories of our home from the iPhone itself. In addition to having the comfort of not operating a thermostat or having to get up to turn on a light, we also managed to save good money on the monthly electricity or gas bill. Undoubtedly one of the biggest expenses of gas or electricity in all homes is heating and in this article we tell you how you can control it intelligently and save a lot on the electricity bill.

One of the best controllers for heating are those of the tado brand. We can find an authentic set of smart heads that can be connected to the heating in a very simple way and from there to our iPhone through the tado application.

Control heating is possible with these heads

Right now at Amazon we can find a very interesting tado starter kit that is composed of a window detector and an intelligent head in addition to all the necessary adapters so that it can be used in any heating device.

control calefacción tado

The installation is tremendously simple, since we simply have to replace the head that has our heating with this intelligent. In the case of the windows we must adjust the sensor perfectly to the edge of the window that we want to control. Once installed we must download the tado application on our iPhone and we can proceed to perform the configuration. Once it is configured, we will simply have to choose in the application the temperature we want in our home and for only € 2.99 / month we will get the application to adapt the heating to the external conditions.

Something ideal for these valves is that they integrate seamlessly with the different assistants. It is compatible with both HomeKit, Google Assistant or Alexa so it is easily controllable from both an iOS or Android phone through voice assistants.

In the application we will have access to very interesting information such as the freshness of the air to maintain a healthy environment in the home. The interface of this is extremely simple and thanks to the geolocation we will get the heating to turn off automatically when no one is home and to be activated when we approach for example when we return from work. The price of these smart valves is now € 79 the starter kit on Amazon. Although we found different packs:

  • Individual thermostatic head for € 59 at Amazon.
  • Dual pack of thermostat heads for € 149.99 at Amazon.
  • Pack of four thermostat heads for € 199.99 at Amazon.

But in this case these independent valves are very useful when we don’t have a central boiler. If in your case you have a boiler that controls all the heating in your house, you are much more interested in replacing the thermostat that we will have to control the boiler, with the smart tado thermostat. The installation is also extremely easy and will allow us to save up to 31% of the invoice. The only problem encountered is that it is not compatible with electric heaters. The price of this smart thermostat next to the open window sensor is € 134.9 at Amazon.

control calefacción tado

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