iPhone and iPad Fast Charging: How it Works, Chargers and Cables

If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to charge as quickly as possible, you should know that the cable is also important. Not everything is a matter of a charger capable of offering more power than the original 5W. So, here is everything you need to know about fast charging on Apple devices, from iPhone 8 to iPhone SE. And incidentally, a compilation of interesting cables and chargers.

Fast charge on iPhone and iPad

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Explaining fast charging isn’t really necessary, but if we focus only on Apple devices, you should know the following:

  • Fast charging is an option that allows you to reach 50% of total autonomy in just 30 minutes
  • Requires the use of a charger and cable that allow the maximum power supported by the device
  • Apple’s USB-C power adapters deliver 18, 30, 61, and 96 W depending on the device (from iPhone to MacBook Pro)

Knowing this, the charging time will logically depend on the charger, the cable used and the power that the device supports. Could you charge an iPad with a MacBook Pro charger? Yes, although they offer different powers you can use it. But you have to know that the time will be the same, since the device will be the one that will limit the input of more power.

As a bonus, a 15 ″ or 16 ″ MacBook Pro can be charged with the 13 ″ model, but you will not be able to use it and the charging time will be longer, since it offers less power and the battery drains more quickly. what is recharged.

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Having seen this, the next step is to know what the different Apple chargers and cables offer according to their connection and type.

  • Apple’s USB-C to Lightning and USB-C to USB-C cables cost from € 25 to € 39 depending on the length of the cable, can be used with any charger, and support fast charging.
  • The Thunderbolt 3 cable that uses the USB-C connectors costs 45 euros, but it is designed for the Mac, with an iPad Pro you would not take advantage of it
  • The official chargers cost 35 euros for the 18W model, 55 euros for the 30W and up to 85 euros for the 96W for the 16 ″ MacBook Pro

Now, what is the maximum charging speed supported by iPhones and different iPads. Let’s see it:

  • From iPhone 8 and iPhone X onwards the maximum supported fast charge is 29 W
  • IPads also support 29W charging

Knowing all this, choosing the ideal charger to take advantage of fast charging with an iPhone or iPad is easy. Also choose the best combination in case you have multiple devices. If you have an iPad in addition to the phone, better buy a charger for the latter.

However, seeing the prices that Apple manages, there are cases in which it is more interesting to choose an accessory from other brands that offer identical quality. In some cases higher after daily use, especially on cables.

The best cables for your iPad and iPad

If you want to quickly charge your iPhone or iPad, in addition to a suitable charger you will also need a compatible cable. These are some interesting proposals for price, reliability and some other details such as greater resistance in daily use.

Anker PowerLine with Lightning connector

Anker offers different products related to charging on iOS devices. This cable offers a USB A connector on one end and Lightning on the other. However, along with the quick charge support, the best thing is that it is covered with a nylon braid that provides resistance. And as they themselves say, it is a cable with a lifetime guarantee.

Available in various lengths, you can choose a model that is only 30 cm long, 90 cm or 1.8 m. You choose which one interests you the most.

Anker PowerLine USB C

Anker USB C

This time, this cable from the same manufacturer Anker offers two USB-C connections. Through them you can not only take advantage of fast charging (up to 100 W), but also data transfer of up to 10 Gbps or audio and video at 4K resolution.

The standard supported by this cable is USB 3.1 Gen 2 and its price is more attractive than other options available from the device manufacturers themselves.

Nomad USB C

Nomad is another of the classic Apple device accessory manufacturers. This USB C to USB C cable offers very good quality and that same nylon mesh that provides resistance and greater appeal compared to the classic plastic. Likewise, it offers load up to 100 W, data transfer at 10 Gbps and 4K video.

Belkin Boost Charge

Belkin is another of the classic manufacturers of accessories for iPhone and other Apple products, this USB A to Lightning cable offers support for fast charging of 18 W or higher depending on whether you go or want to use both with an iPhone and iPad with said connector. There is also an option from USB C to Lightning , so you can choose the option that interests you the most depending on the charger to use.

Quick chargers for iPhone and iPad

As with cables, chargers from other brands may be more interesting than Apple’s own for reasons such as price or number of connections, with which you could charge several devices at once if you need to. And yes, they will sound familiar to you because they are practically the same brands as before.

Dual Anker charger

With two USB A connections , this Anker charger allows you to quickly charge two devices simultaneously. For this, each of the two connections offers 24 W of power .

Anker Power Port C charger

Anker multi cargador

This multi charger from Anker is not so much an option to always carry with you, but rather to have at home as a charging point for various devices. It offers four USB A connections and a USB C port with which you can obtain a power of 60 W, ideal for computers such as a MacBook. And, of course, also for iPad or iPhone where it would be limited to the maximum supported by the device.

Aukey USB C charger

Aukey Dual USBC

With two USB C connectors , this Anker charger offers two outputs of 18 W each with which you can quickly charge an iPhone and any other device when used together. And if you only use one connection, then the maximum port power is 36W . An interesting option if you also want to always carry it with you.

Is fast charging harmful to the battery?

Mophie Powerstation Hub

With fast charging, no matter how long it takes, there will always be those who question whether fast charging is harmful or not. The answer is no, fast charging doesn’t harm your smartphone’s battery . Even less if you use quality cables and chargers.

In other words, the devices are already prepared to withstand this type of load and include protection mechanisms so that no more power enters than is actually to enter. So using a good charger and quality cables is so important. Because if not, then we could have problems.

So, if at some point you are told to better use the charger that includes your iPhone with its 5 W instead of one that offers faster charging, ignore it. It is true that if you are not in a hurry you will not care about one or the other, but you will not damage or the battery will last less by using the fast charge daily.

Bad charging habits are more damaging than fast or classic charging could be. Hence, it is interesting not to frequently reach percentages below 15% or always be between 80% and 100% of battery. Ideally, throughout daily use, the battery should always move between 20% and 100% of the total charge. This ensures that all the ions that make up the battery work.

Incidentally, all this is applicable to other devices. But taking into account that some Android phones already support charges higher than those of the iPhone, to take advantage of it you will have to see the manufacturer’s documentation to opt for specific cables and chargers such as those from OnePlus, Huawei or Xiaomi, for example. And if not, you can also take advantage of the wireless charging that phones also offer.