Advanced Gestures in EMUI 10 for Huawei Mobiles

The use of mobile phones has become a basic feature, throughout the day we can unlock our mobile phone countless times and use it to navigate many others. Huawei integrates in its personalization layer the classic gestures that we can find in the rest of the manufacturers but also adds in EMUI 10 advanced gestures to use our mobile faster.

Among the infinity of tricks for EMUI 10 on Huawei mobiles we find this navigation option that manages to further complete our experience. It can not only be useful to use our mobile faster, but also to make it more accessible to people with difficulties . We will show you how it is used and the advantages it offers us.

emui 10 gestures

How to enable advanced gestures in EMUI 10

The steps to improve our experience using mobiles with EMUI 10 are very simple and remain in EMUI 10.1. We just have to go to the Settings, tap on System and look for the option ” Navigation System “. Within this option we will have three modes of use that we will discover.

  • Gestures : The method to navigate the screen without the classic on-screen buttons. We will have to slide from the sides or bottom to use these functions.
  • Three-key navigation : Based on the classic on-screen buttons, this is the default option for mobiles.
  • Navigation dock : The advanced navigation trick based on a floating button that we will explain.

Gestos avanzados EMUI 10

We just have to activate the Navigation Dock option along with the classic gestures to improve our experience and make us even faster.

This is how the navigation dock works in EMUI 10

To control this dock we only have to learn three simple gestures . It is a floating button that we can drag and place anywhere on the screen, looking for a lateral position where it does not bother us when it comes to browsing. Then we only have to tap once on it to go back and keep it pressed minimally to return to the home screen .

gestos huawei

In case we want to open multitasking and go back to a previous app we will have to drag it to one of the sides. As you can see it is a simple method that avoids us from the problems and errors that classic gestures have. Having it within view makes it easier to use and we can continue to take advantage of the entire screen of our mobile without the buttons at the bottom.