iPhone and Apple Watch Apps for Hiking

Hiking is one of the sports that goes unnoticed the most in our community, being one of the best to enjoy nature. In this article we show you the best apps to be able to enjoy this activity safely.

iPhone and Apple Watch Apps for Hiking

The importance of planning a route

When it comes to venturing into the mountains, it is important to know exactly what to do. It can be very easy to take your backpack and food and start walking through different places but not recommended. Already in the 21st century you can forget about the big maps with different routes and get your iPhone and Apple Watch to do all this planning.

There are many applications that can be found in the App Store that will allow you to choose the best possible route as well as have information about the orography. In this way you can make sure you go through totally new routes and discover landscapes never seen before as well as know in advance if it is complicated or easy to do and avoiding getting lost at all times. Here we show you the applications that you should have installed on your iPhone if you are going to go hiking.

Applications that will help you in hiking


Wikiloc iOS

A classic application that will allow you to discover routes around the world to go hiking with clear information about each of them. Your mobile will become a GPS to guide you throughout the journey with audible openings to warn you if you are moving away from the established route. To guarantee your safety, you can share the location with family and friends so that you know where you are at all times. In addition, with the compatibility of Apple Watch, you can keep track of caloric metrics.



Explore more than 100,000 trails around the world and record your path with different data that you can consult later. You can have on your iPhone a detailed map with the hiking with the elevations and falls of the terrain and download it in case you are not going to have an internet connection. You will be able to follow the route at all times avoiding getting out of it, and follow it from the Apple Watch itself so as not to have to go with the mobile in hand.



Find quiet paths to make your hiking trips planning down to the last detail. Find offline maps to go outdoors and follow the directions and the route without taking your eyes off the path you need to be following. Thanks to the Komoot community you will be able to get feedback on the routes to choose which is better or easier.

Outdooractive: hiking


Application that is very focused on all outdoor physical activity and especially very focused on hiking. It is connected to different databases worldwide to be able to have access to the best hiking routes and plans the routes with the preferences that you have entered .. At all times you can have the application connected with the Apple Watch to track further from with Health to enter all activity data.



This application is somewhat special since the routes are not loaded into a database. You must select them with your own finger and the paths you have chosen will be automatically tracked. You will be able to relive all the adventure that you have done in 3D maps and analyze all the workouts that you are going to do and that you have previously marked.

Gaia: topographic maps

Gaia is one of the best air map applications that you can find in the App Store itself. You will be able to view topographic maps of all the routes that can be carried out to have clear information about everything that you are going to find, such as differences in height.

Bergfex routes and GPS tracking


This is an all-in-one application that integrates different topographic maps from all over Europe with more than 70,000 GPS routes. All the maps can be downloaded to be able to follow them without any problem without having an internet connection. The entire route and data on your health such as calories or distance traveled will be tracked at all times.

Terra Map


App that has been developed with the help of professional hikers and cyclists. You will be able to download topographic maps and track the entire route you are going to do by clicking on the Record button.

With these applications you can have a safe hiking route and thus enjoy nature much more. And you, do you use any of these?