iPhone 6s Battery Problems: How to Fix it

One of the positive aspects of Apple is that its products age very well, which allows us to continue enjoying our iPhone 6s until 4 years after being presented. The problems we find are mainly in its battery, but luckily if we follow the solutions we propose, it will perform as it should.

In spite of having a small battery of 1715 mAh , we must count on the fact that you only have to face a 4.7-inch screen in HD + resolution and therefore we will be able to make its duration extend even more once we solve problems. The iPhone 6s have been a series of smartphones that have suffered many controversial cases related to their batteries, after jumping to the scene the well-known batterygate case with which the company slowed down the models once its battery was degrading.


In addition to this, since its launch the iPhone 6s batteries were accompanied by sudden deaths that forced the company to change them for free. On the other hand the updates to iOS 11 used up the battery in a few hours, the first thing we recommend is to update your phone if you keep avoiding moving on to the next available version. Since its launch the problems have been present, the current problems have luckily been solved.

Detects iPhone 6s battery problems

Before trying to solve the battery problems of our iPhone 6s we will try to find out what happens to us by helping us with iOS 13 , which is the latest version that our iPhone 6s will receive. To check the status of the battery we only have to enter Settings> Battery> Battery health

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Through the percentage we will know the state of health, if it is below 80% , it is likely that we need to replace it with a new one or be sure that its performance will not always be at the level we want.

How to save battery on iPhone 6s

Whatever the state of the battery, we will be able to know which are the applications that use the most consumption, in case they are not strictly necessary we can uninstall them and opt for an alternative that meets better. In the section Settings> Battery we will see the consumption of each app , giving us some clarifying data of what we should eliminate.

The notifications may also be causing our mobile to consume the battery quickly and end up becoming a serious problem, to eliminate all those that we do not need we will have to enter the Settings> Notifications and disable those of games or other apps.

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Battery saving, our great ally

In our shortcuts or by entering the section Settings> Battery> Low consumption mode we can activate this mode that manages to limit the consumption of our mobile so that we can get home without our iPhone 6s turned off. Among some of the limitations established by the GPS, one of the elements that consumes the most battery.

Battery percentage does not work well

Among the main reasons for our battery not to perform properly, we find the repeated problem that when charging, your battery does not reach 100% or is paid before reaching 0%. These problems can be solved by calibrating the battery of our iPhone 6s and to do so we will have to follow the following steps:

  • We charge our device up to 100% or maximum allowed and leave half an hour more.
  • We use it normally until it turns off.
  • Then we leave it off for 3 hours without plugging it in.
  • Then we plug it in and leave it up to 8 hours plugged in without turning it on.

Once the time has passed we turn it on again and we will find a calibrated battery that allows us to know the real percentage of battery that our smartphone has.

Make a hard reset as the last option

If after completing all these steps we have not been able to find the solution for the battery problems of the iPhone 6s, we can perform a hard reset as in the iPhone 11 . To do this we will have to enter Settings> Reset> Delete contents and Delete iPhone but first we have to keep all our photos and files safe.