The Best HDMI Cables to Use with Your Console

Today, absolutely any desktop console has an HDMI output to connect it to our Smart TV or screen. The problem is that many users use any cable, when there are specialized models, and that will allow you to enjoy a much more complete experience.

Yes, even if it seems a secondary element, choosing an HDMI cable in conditions is vital to get the most out of your console. How? Well, with good digital audio and video transfer rates without compression or loss of quality, support to send 4K content …


What HDMI cable do I need for my console?

The wide variety of models available will make you simply go crazy looking for the option that best suits your needs. Although we are going to try to make things easy for you. For this reason, we bring you a complete compilation with everything that an HDMI cable needs to get the most out of your desktop console.

First, there is the length of the cable. Yes, it may seem silly, but it is quite important that there is no excess cable. The reason? Well, the shorter the distance the digital signal has to travel, the transmission of this content will be better.

In this way, and taking into account that the most common is that the console is close to your smart TV or screen, the ideal would be to look for models that do not exceed 3 meters. Yes, that idea of hiding the Xbox or PS4 in a closet and using a 20-meter HDMI cable is very good in theory. In practice you will notice a notable loss of efficiency.

cable HDMI trenzado

A braided cable provides durability

Another detail that must be taken into account, is that we talk about HDMI cables that are going to suffer a quite remarkable trot to be a fixed device. Yes, they will bend on more than one occasion, they may suffer from occasional fortuitous stomping … Come on, the typical involuntary tortures to which we submit to this type of peripherals.

For this reason, if you want to ensure that they have a longer lifespan, ideally they have adequate protection. So, you have to make sure the armor you have (the ideal is triple), in addition to some type of coating of the threads, such as the well-known braiding system that avoids possible twists. There are even models with the bent head in case you have the Smart TV attached to the wall!

Since we talk about the head, bet on the models that have the golden tip . These heads have a copper bath that guarantees better conductivity and transmission. The silver-tipped ones are cheaper, but they lack such extra. And it can make a difference.

We cannot forget the cable version. The HDMI standard has been on the market since 2002 , so it is a fact that a first-generation cable will not have the same functionality as newer models. So, taking advantage of the HDMI cable you had in your old console is not a good idea at all.

Now that we know the most important bases when choosing an HDMI cable, let’s see which are the best models to get the most out of your desktop console.

Syncwire HDMI 2.0 Cable

We begin this compilation with one of the most economical models, but no less reliable. We talk about the HDMI 2.0 Syncwire cable, a model with a length of 2 meters and that is capable of playing content in 4K quality at 60 Hz , with a 48-bit color depth and gold-plated connectors. The icing on the cake is put on its outer layer of PVC to protect the cable against possible interference.

Syncwire Cable HDMI 2.0

Syncwire cable

EUR 8.99

CLS cable

Another of the best options to consider is this CLS model. In this case, we find one of the best HDMI cables to connect your console. His tricks? Full support of ULTRA HD 4k – 2160p (4096 × 2160 pixels), as well as support for extended color spaces such as xvColor and Deep Color. And yes, it has triple layer (it is braided and with sheet protections) to avoid damage after prolonged use.

Cable CLS

CLS cable

EUR 7.99

IBRA cable

Do you have the console attached to your Smart TV or screen? Then do not hesitate and bet on this IBRA HDMI cable. We are talking about a model with only 75 cm in length, which allows a faster transmission. To this, add its ability to play 4K content, triple shielding (foil and braid), in addition to the excellent ratings it has, so that it is clear that it is a tall product.

Cable IBRA

Ibra cable

EUR 7.48

Primewire cable

Another of the best HDMI cables is this Primewire model. It has a length of 3 meters, ideal if you have the console away from the transmitter, as well as support to play content in 4K quality. In addition, their heads are plated in 24 karat gold to ensure stability and a transmission speed that will surprise you.

Cable Primewire

Primewire cable

EUR 11.99


In this case we are facing one of the most complete models that you will find within this compilation. In addition, it has everything you need to meet your needs: support for UHD at 60 FPS, 3D compatible, audio return channel without loss of speed, triple layer of protection and gold-plated tips to offer the best possible quality.


KPA-Tech cable


HDMI Laptone

Following this compilation of the best HDMI cables with which to get the most out of your desktop console, this Laptone model is one of the best solutions. We are talking about a product with only 1 meter in length (to improve the transmission speed), as well as support to play 4K content at 60 frames per second.

HDMI Laptone

Laptone HDMI cable

EUR 14.99

Ibra Luxury

Another option to take into account the manufacturer Ibra, is this Luxury model- We are talking about a solution compatible with Ethernet and ARC, in addition to 3D support. It is compatible with HDMI 2.0 and has support for playing content in Ultra HD 4K quality at 60 frames per second. Obviously, it is also a braided model to guarantee its durability.

Ibra Luxury

Ibra Luxury

EUR 10.49

ATZEBE HDMI Fiber Optic Cable

This is one of the most expensive HDMI cables on the market, but it is well worth the investment. For starters, it stands out for the fact that it has a one-way transmission system. In this way, you have to connect the transmitter in the console and the receiver in your Smart TV or screen. The reason? This model does not use copper, but four-core optical fiber to achieve a transmission speed and unparalleled image quality. Obviously, it has support for all standards, in addition to being able to play content in 4K resolution.

ATZEBE Cable HDMI Fibra Óptica

Atzebe cable

EUR 43.99


Another of the ideal HDMI cables to get the most out of your console, is this UGREEN model. We are talking about a cable with triple layer system, which will prevent unnecessary damage, in addition to HDMI 2.0b certification , 4K playback and compatibility with all types of formats. Seeing its low price, it is one of the best models to consider.



EUR 9.99

HDMI Jeirdus

We finalize this compilation of the best HDMI cables to connect to your console, with another model that opts for fiber optics to guarantee a simply unbeatable signal speed. Add its extreme thinness and it is compatible with all types of formats to have a really premium model.

HDMI Jeirdus

HDMI Jeirdus

EUR 68.57