iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: differences and which one should I buy

The iPhone 14 series has not landed on the right foot and it is that both the price increase and the few changes between each generation have not gone down well with the community. The only models that present considerable evolutions are those belonging to the Pro range, but, equally, we are going to compare the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro to see if it is really worth betting on the one released in 2022.

There are those who have already expressed their opinion on this debate, although, in any case, in the event that you are hesitating between buying one or the other, our intention is to explain the differences that exist. In this way, you yourself can decide whether to opt for the new generation or the one from the past.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro

We already anticipate that either of the two options are a perfect choice. The iPhone 14 Pro shows improvements in four aspects , although now we will assess if they are truly significant. A fairly important quality is the price that both receive, which can be essential to make the decision, but we are going to investigate more in these sections.

Goodbye, notch. Hello Dynamic Island!

One of the main novelties of the iPhone 14 Pro has to do with the screen. The notch has passed away to make way for what Apple has called Dynamic Island and which consists of a small upper pill (where the front camera and Face ID sensor are located) that changes shape to display content , such as notifications. , device battery, music being played…

Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro

An interesting aspect considering that with future updates they could give it more utilities. On the other hand, in the iPhone 13 Pro the notch at the top of the screen remains, occupying a larger surface.

48 MP camera for the first time in Apple history

The Cupertino company has been used to equipping its phones with a 12 MP resolution camera since its inception. Now, with the iPhone 14 Pro, a 48 MP main lens lands so that photos do not lose as much detail when zoomed in on them.

iPhone 14 Pro

In addition, there is another series of novelties in relation to the sensor, such as a larger aperture of the diaphragm that is applied to the main and ultra-wide angle camera. This along with new features in terms of software, such as True Tone technology to better capture images and True Depth to improve captures when lighting is poor.

Adaptive refresh rate and always-on display

The iPhone 14 Pro screen boasts a property known as ProMotion that adapts the content refresh rate between 1 and 120 Hz . A quality that allows you to activate the always-on screen function that we already know from Android.

iPhone 14 Pro fondos

This without forgetting the lock screen customization of iOS 16 get a unique look for your device. Panel brightness has also increased compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, reaching 2,000 nits of maximum brightness compared to 1,000 for the previous generation.

Better performance and battery with the Apple A16 Bionic chip

One important improvement is that the newcomer iPhone 14 Pro equips an Apple A16 Bionic chip as its brain, while the iPhone 13 Pro has an A15 Bionic. This change translates into greater efficiency in both power and battery , specifically, 10% more according to the American company itself.

iPhone 14 Pro

However, the numbers show that there is only a one-hour increase in video playback, so it’s not that significant.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro price

This is surely the most important feature for users due to the price hike of the entire iPhone 14 family. Specifically, the Pro version costs 160 euros more than the iPhone 13 Pro from two years ago. A noticeable difference that many pockets can notice.

todos quieren iphone 14 pro

The iPhone 14 Pro has an official price of 1,319 euros and the iPhone 13 Pro costs 1,159 euros . Our advice would be to wait for the next generation iPhone 15, where we will probably already see prominent changes. In any case, if you want to try the new features such as the dynamic island or the qualities of its screen, these are two qualities that provide a better user experience, so it would not be a bad purchase either.