Can I get the Movistar Smart WiFi 6 router if I am from O2?

Since the end of last year, we already have the new Movistar router model. Although it was presented much earlier, the new Smart WiFi 6 router was launched for all its customers at the end of November. However, there is a question that not everyone knows, whether O2 customers can get this model.

For this reason, let’s go if there is the possibility of getting the Movistar Smart WiFi 6 router if you are from O2. For this, the low cost operator of Telefónica makes it very clear to us.

Can I get the Movistar Smart WiFi 6 router if I am from O2

The new router with WiFi 6 in O2

Unfortunately, the new HGU WiFi 6 router is not available at O2, neither for clients nor for new registrations. This is how the low cost operator of Movistar specifies it on its website. More than anything, because they do not market this new device. Therefore, at least for now, those O2 customers who want to have this model with WiFi 6 in their homes will not be able to do so.

However, there is also another series of doubts that many users have, such as the fact that they already have it at home as it is from Movistar, but they want to switch to O2 because of the prices or for any other reason. In this case, the following must be taken into account:

« If you already have an installation at your home with a Smart WiFi 6 and you decide to port it to O2, it will not be necessary to carry out another installation nor will you have to change your router» .

This is what O2 explains to us. Therefore, if you come from Movistar and already have a Smart WiFi 6, you can use it without any problem. In addition, no technician will have to go to install anything. More than anything, because the low cost operator uses Telefónica’s fiber network. And it is that, by using its infrastructure and technology, we will not have any problem to continue using the new model of the company’s router.

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Return of the Smart WiFi 6 router

Another important question that you may have asked yourself is “what happens if I leave O2 and I have the Movistar Smart WiFi 6 router”. Well, in any case, as normally happens, we will have to return the router to the operator if you are going to cancel the fiber service or want to port it to another telephone company.

Otherwise, we will have to pay a penalty for not returning the Smart WiFi 6 router. In addition, as the O2 operator reminds us, we will have to take it to a Movistar store within a maximum period of 15 days to that they do not charge us any type of penalty in our bank account.

In fact, we can say what will be the price that we will have to pay as a penalty if we do not return the equipment within the indicated period or if we do not want to return it for any other reason: 97.28 euros . And although there is also the possibility of home collection, this option is available to Movistar customers. For this reason, on the O2 website they only offer us the option of returning the router to a physical Movistar store.