iPhone 12 Pro Max Problem with Multi-port Chargers

Although this year they have reached the market in stages, the four iPhone 12s are on the street and within reach of all markets. As is usual, when the terminal is put in the hands of users en masse, that is when the first failures begin to be reported. We have already seen on our site how the iPhone 12 screen turns yellow, as reported by several users. Now, it is the iPhone 12 Pro Max that has problems with charging.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Problem with Multi-port Chargers

It is something that happens every year and is not exclusive to iPhone. When a terminal that is called to be a best seller, is put in the hands of thousands of users, problems do not take long to appear. So far, the iPhone 12 has had some coverage problems, fixed by Apple, in addition to problems with notifications and the aforementioned yellow screen problem on some models.

New problem on iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Mini has not been spared a few issues either, such as the one relating to touch sensitivity on the lock screen. However, it is now the largest of all the iPhone 12s, the one that seems to not get along with multi-port charging docs.

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Many people use a multi-port adapter to charge their mobile and many other devices. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, seems to not get along with this solution, when other devices that are charging are connected and disconnected at the same time. When this happens, the iPhone 12 Pro Max stops charging automatically for no apparent reason.

Fertile, a digital blogger of Chinese origin, has confirmed that the problem exists when conducting various tests with the device. As detailed, this occurs whenever new devices are connected or disconnected to the load doc. The load distribution seems to affect the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is where the problem has been detected, although it could affect the entire series . The solution is to disconnect and reconnect the terminal to the charging port, but when new devices are disconnected or reconnected, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will stop charging again.

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Long-term solution?

To solve the problem, it seems that the only thing that works is charging the iPhone 12 separately. To use the multi-port charger, the terminal will have to be connected and disconnected continuously to reactivate the charge . According to the source, some charger manufacturers have already come out to declare that they are aware of the problem, and that future products will be able to solve the fault and allow normal charging. However, for now we do not know if Apple can also move tab with a future update that solves the problem.