Samsung Galaxy M12: Leaked Image of the New Cheap Mobile

Samsung continues to work on its mobiles for next year, which begin as you all know with the lowest series, known as the M series. These mobiles with lower performance have surprised us this past year with great additions and design changes that adapt to what the market asked for and now we have released leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy M21 with design changes that mark a path.

Samsung Galaxy M12: Leaked Image

Everything seems to indicate that Samsung wants to give a renewed air to its smartphones, at least the mid-range ones, because as we have already seen in the Samsung Galaxy A42, the resemblance to the Google Pixel increases. In this case, the information comes from the renowned OnLeaks, who through a series of images has allowed us to see practically all the sides of a terminal that, as he confirms, can be seen in early 2021.

The design adapts to the new times

Beyond the resemblance to the Google Pixel, what the OnLeaks publications allow us to see is a plastic-based body, as expected in Samsung’s M series , although marking the distance with the previous Samsung Galaxy M11 that was presented to early 2020. In this case we can see a textured plastic, which changes at the bottom to remind us even more of Google phones.

diseño filtrado samsung galaxy m12

On the back we can also see that module with a quadruple camera and led flash that makes the difference. The side would be the place chosen to include the fingerprint reader, an increasingly common position in the mid-range and low-cost smartphones. Ahead we find a notch in the shape of a drop of water that tries to hide as much as possible unlike the classic U, which we have seen so many times in Samsung. The lower part seems to be the one that marked the most, because in the rest of the side it can be seen quite rushed. A screen that would have 6.5 inches according to OnLeaks.

What features do we know of the Galaxy M12?

Although this time we have been able to know all the details of its design, it has not been like that with the hardware inside. The little we know is that the screen would be 6.5 inches as OnLeaks has wanted to confirm and that its battery aims to be one of the largest , being able to reach 7,000 mAh. As for connectivity, we know little, although it is expected to keep the audio jack, USB Type C as we can see in the images and the doubts are around the NFC.

diseño filtrado galaxy m12

As standard it would arrive with Android 11 and we hope that with One UI 3.0, but to confirm this we will have to wait. Its price is a mystery, but several experts already speak of a price of 150 euros, which would be very similar to the latest Galaxy M11 model.