Some Interesting Gadgets That Maximizes Your Cybersecurity

Security is a factor that worries Internet users a lot. It is something that has to be always present if we do not want problems when it comes to protecting our information and personal data. Unfortunately there are many threats that are present in the network, but also many tools and utilities that we can use to protect ourselves. Today we are going to talk about it. We are going to mention some specific gadgets for those who want to maximize their cybersecurity.

The importance of maintaining network security

There are many types of malware that can affect our devices. Also many types of attack techniques that hackers can use. All this can put at risk not only the proper functioning of the systems, but also steal vital information such as our passwords and personal data.

It is very important that whenever we surf the net we take a series of precautions to avoid problems. For example, it is vital to have security tools . A good antivirus can rid us of malware and detect possible threats in the system. It is also necessary to keep the equipment updated correctly and thus prevent them from taking advantage of existing vulnerabilities.

But beyond this we mentioned it is also possible to have devices that help us improve security . They are specially oriented for those users who want maximum protection and do not run any risk.cyber-security

What security gadgets can we use

We will name a series of security gadgets that we can use to improve our security and thus avoid problems that compromise the proper functioning of other equipment.

U2F keys

One of these security gadgets that we can use are the U2F keys . As we know they are devices that allow us to authenticate when entering certain platforms and services. Basically they act as two-factor authentication, but in this case it is through hardware.

It works through USB port . To log in to a certain platform we would only have to connect this key to a USB port. This way we make sure that another person, even knowing our password, cannot enter.

USB lock

In this case we have small USB devices that are intended to block all other ports on the computer. An example is Lindy USB port. It is very simple to use, since it simply requires having it connected to a free port.

It is very useful for those who want to prevent potential intruders from connecting a USB memory to steal information, for example. Very interesting in offices, if we are going to use shared equipment, etc.

Cover for the webcam

This is something that worries users a lot. Today virtually all laptops have an integrated camera . It is also quite common to see that people put a sticker to cover it and thus prevent possible attackers from operating it without their consent.

Now, a sticker can stain and damage the camera lens. We have the alternative of using a lid that they sell at a very economical price. It is simply a small plastic that adheres to the laptop and can be opened and closed as we are interested.

Microphone blocker

In addition to the risk of using the camera to spy on us, we may also have malware capable of recording what we are talking about. We can make use of a microphone blocker .

In this case it is a small device that aims to block the computer’s microphone. It connects to the 3.5mm port and pretends to be a connected microphone. Of course, what it really does is block the sound. We can use it on the computer, but also on mobile devices.

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Create our own Farady cage

We may not want our devices to emit a signal at any given time. We want to have the maximum possible security and for this we can create a Farady cage capable of blocking the signal. This way we can block the Wi-Fi signal, for example.

Radiofrequency scanner

For those who are paranoid about security, a device that cannot be missed is a radiofrequency scanner. What it basically does is track our home for signs of hypothetical hidden cameras, for example.

In short, these are some interesting security gadgets that we can use. A varied list of curious equipment that we could use.