How to Install Google Chrome Themes on Edge Chromium

install-chrome-themes-edgeThe arrival of Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, was highly anticipated by everyone. It is an authentic remodeling of your previous browser to adapt it to the times. All based on Chromium, Google’s open source project to get Chrome’s source. Now, it can also look like him.

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most famous browsers in the world, if not the most. We talk about a project that has been among us for many years and that has knocked down one door after another. But Microsoft does not want to be left behind and has already released for all its new browser, Edge .

With it, we can enjoy the experience of the Redmond company while surfing the internet, while experiencing the fluidity of the Chromium code. However, we are aware of the features that Chrome has and we know that personalization is one of its strengths. All in all, we can now enjoy Chrome themes on Edge .

It may seem complex, but nothing is further from reality. It is very easy to install the themes of Google Chrome on Edge and customize the new Microsoft browser as we want. Thus, we will not forget the aesthetics of Google and we can use the brand new Microsoft project without losing the essence of always. In addition to being able to keep our Chrome data on Edge .

How to install Google Chrome themes on Edge

What we should know is that it is not yet a functionality allowed by Microsoft in the stable version of Edge. Therefore, we have to download the experimental Canary version of the browser. We must do it in the following link and install it in the same way as the final version of the program.

The first thing we have to do, with the browser installed, is to check the version we have on our computer. To do this, we have to select the menu button, in the upper right corner, and click on it. Once we have done so, we look for the Help and comments submenu, just before the option to Close Microsoft Edge and, in the drop-down menu, select About Microsoft Edge.

Acerca de Microsoft Edge

Next, a new open tab will appear in the browser that will provide us with all the program information from Microsoft. In this version 81.0.395.0 should appear as the official compilation of Edge Canary , without which it is not possible to use Chrome themes in Edge. If this is the version, we can continue with the process.

Versión de Microsoft Edge

Once we have done it, the next step we have to take is also very simple, even if it seems strange. We must change the properties of the destination path of the browser shortcut. That is, adding a property that allows you to install Chrome themes on Edge without any problem. This is achieved by right clicking on the desktop shortcut and clicking on Properties.

All we have to do is go to the Destination field. At the end of the path, after msedge.exe “, we must leave a blank and add the following statement:

–Enable-features = msAllowThemeInstallationFromChromeStore .

Then, click on Apply and we can open the browser.

Aviso permiso extensiones de Chrome en Edge.

The only thing missing is to choose which Chrome theme we want to install in our Microsoft Edge. We must go to the Chrome theme store and, first of all, we can observe a warning in the top bar of the browser. This informs us that it is possible to activate Chrome extensions in Edge. We click on the option to allow and continue with our task.

Añadir tema a Edge

The last thing we should do is browse through all the options that exist in the catalog. Once we have decided on one, we just have to click on it and click on Add to Chrome. Automatically and in the same way as in Google Chrome, the browser will recognize the theme and install it without major problem.

Tema instalado en Edge.

Once the theme has been installed, we can already enjoy our new customization with Chrome themes in Edge. It’s all so simple that using the themes we want will take a few seconds, even though the browser is practically new. However, it is a great alternative to Google Chrome and without losing the essence of it.