ING closes one of its star services: last day to withdraw your money

Twyp was launched in 2015 by ING and allowed its users to make transfers without commissions or bank details, being a pioneer in launching services such as payment between friends before Bizum came into our lives or allowing us, for the first time in Spain, to take out money while shopping in stores.

ING announced that on August 17 it was shutting down Twyp to integrate into the entity’s main online banking app. However, it gave a grace period so that those more clueless Twyp customers could withdraw their balance and not lose their balance.

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ING Twyp closes today

A few months ago, ING reported that its Twyp service for mobile payments was going to disappear , setting August 17 as the date from which the app would stop working to operate with it, with the exception of being able to transfer your balance to a Bank account.

The main features of Twyp have been integrated into the ING app , where you can continue to enjoy them, but the service disappears independently. Twyp customers who have an account open at ING will be able to continue making payments between friends through Bizum. In addition, the orange bank app already allows you to withdraw money in stores when making a purchase.

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@Oremor_leinad Hello. In the ING app it will be possible to continue paying between friends through Bizum and withdrawing cash when paying at participating stores, although the virtual card will not be available. All the best.
September 19, 2022 • 8:31 PM



The only thing you might miss from Twyp will be the virtual card, with which you could pay directly from your mobile and through Apple Pay and Google Pay. This service, as confirmed by Twyp on social networks, will not migrate to the ING app, so you will also lose its numbering.

«If you are the holder of a Salary Account, you can buy in a totally secure way with ING debit or credit cards. You would have the ability to enable or disable them for online purchases whenever you want and link them to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How to withdraw the balance

Faced with this situation of closure of Twyp, ING launched a process to withdraw the balance and not lose it. So, if you still have a balance on Twyp, here’s how to get it in two easy steps:

Retirar saldo Twyp

  • Click on the balance of your app and enter the option «Move to my bank» to take it wherever you want.
  • Once you have zeroed your balance, close your account by going to “Profile / Help / Delete account”

“In case your children are also on Twyp, before taking these 2 steps, check if your children still have a balance in the app. If so, ask them to leave it at zero. Once they do, you will have to stop being their legal guardian in the app. You’re now ready to start the 2 steps and take your Twyp balance with you.”

Do not miss the opportunity and take advantage of this notice to go to your Twyp account and take a look at the amounts of money that you could still keep in your account. Tomorrow it will be too late and you could lose that money.