Don't let the fun stop with these apps to animate photos

With the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels and Stories, it seems that the photo format has lost a bit of steam compared to videos or animated GIFs. But nothing happens, because thanks to technology, you can animate a photo and give more dynamism to what was a simple static image.

There are plenty of apps that do just that, take a still photo and bring it to life in one way or another. We are going to review some of the funniest ones and the best results they achieve.

apps to animate photos

Revive: Face Photo Animator

Let’s start with one of the most useful applications with the most possibilities that allow us to animate any image. In this case, the app’s AI allows you to animate human or animal faces with an automatic face animation technique.

Revive App

Revive allows you to easily edit and create an animation from any image, without needing to have knowledge of animation or anything like that. You simply need to upload or choose the photo in question and in a couple of taps, any image will be able to sing or speak . A voice changer with effects is also included, to make the result even more hilarious.

With this app you can edit all kinds of images and bring them to life. Of course, you can easily share the results in messaging applications or social networks.

Movepic: Photo Motion Animator

Movepic is a complete app for making short videos using still images to bring your photos to life.

One of its specialties is the option to replace skies with colorful sunsets and animated clouds and give more dynamism to the image. You can also make really cool compositions with its built-in overlays and filters.

MyHeritage: Deep Nostalgia

Although the main function of MyHeritage is to create family trees to trace your ancestors and even find a distant relative, a while ago they launched the Deep Nostalgia function, which allows you to animate old photos of your relatives and ancestors .

The app has a paid version that unlocks all the features, but you can still take a look at what a video of an ancestor of yours would look like if you only have an old photo of that person. Of course, you can also take photos of other people, such as celebrities, and take a look at the results that are achieved.

Motionleap by Lightricks

This app is one of the best rated in the app stores, with averages of more than 4 stars, mainly because, unlike other photo animators, it does not put a watermark on your image when you download it to your phone.

The main purpose of the app is to animate still photos and turn them into short looping videos . To do this, you program directional cues into your image by dragging your thumb across the screen. You can also freeze parts of your image and apply filters on top of it to create an atmosphere within the image.