Change the mobile screen or the battery: What components to replace

Whether we like it or not, the time may come when we have to say goodbye to our beloved mobile if it has broken. However, there are other times when we can save it ourselves and give it a second chance. Everything will depend on the component that has been damaged, in addition to the knowledge we have about repairing a smartphone. More than anything, because changing the screen of the phone will not be the same as changing one of its lenses. What components of the mobile phone can you replace yourself without resorting to technical service?

For this reason, it is important to take into account those elements to which we will have ‘access’ to repair from our home without having to go to specialized technical support. But, of course, we will also need to have a series of elements, which we will tell you so that you can write them down on your shopping list, since you will need them, and we are not only referring to the replacement of the smartphone component that you just had.

Change the mobile screen or the battery

What can I replace?

There will be several elements that we can replace , although here we will not tell you how to do it exactly. We will only give you brushstrokes so that you know those elements that will be easier to change at any time on our mobile. And, later, we will also tell you those components that will be more difficult to get your hands on, since we will not have a replacement as guaranteed as a battery would be, in addition to the necessary tools and knowledge.

Screen and back

This is one of the elements of any smartphone that we will have more ‘easiness’ to find a good replacement for our device. In addition, the mobile screen is one of the elements that breaks us the most, since, with a simple innocent fall or a small bump, the panel can be chipped or broken into pieces. However, we have already talked to you, and we have even explained to you, the series of steps that you must follow to change the mobile screen for a completely new one. In addition, we have also advised you on more than one occasion where you can find the perfect replacement so that you do not have to spend a fortune not only on the display, but also so that you avoid having to go to a specialized service.

Like the screen, many smartphones have a more fragile back than others. However, it is one of the replacements that we can do on our own without anyone’s help. We just have to have a series of tools to achieve it. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of money. Of course, when buying the back cover of the mobile , we must make sure that it is fully compatible and not a replica.

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Some time ago, when smartphones were not ‘unibody’ , this was the easiest thing we had within our reach to change the phone at any time. It was as simple as the simple fact of removing the back cover of the device, disengaging the battery from the mobile and putting a new one that perfectly replaced the one we had in the terminal.

However, now it takes more knowledge, as well as skill, to achieve it. But, it’s not the end of the world either. It will also depend on the phone model we have, and whether or not they have screws. Although, in general, the steps to change the mobile battery are the same in most ‘unibody’ smartphones.

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camera and speakers

Changing the camera lens or not changing it will depend on the device we have, since the general steps could vary depending not only on the brand, but also on the model that we have in our possession. But, without a doubt, if we know how to open the smartphone, we will know how to place a new lens for the mobile’s rear camera .

If it is heard under the speaker of your phone or has stopped ringing, the hardware may be completely damaged and your only alternative in this case is to replace it. Well, there is a possibility, and without the help of an expert. We will only have to look for the spare part for our mobile and read a tutorial that tells us all the steps that we must follow. Mainly, the most laborious thing will not be opening the body of the smartphone, but the connections it has. Basically, because if we touch something wrong or break a cable, we could say goodbye to the terminal forever. Once opened, it is best to write down how it was connected, so that when we go to put the new one it is not so difficult to manage. The same happens if we want to change the screen, the battery or the camera lenses of the phone.

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What we cannot change or replace

However, not everything will be smooth sailing. There are mobile parts that not only will we not be able to buy easily, but it will be practically impossible for us to change on our own. Although there are tutorials on the Internet that explain how to do it, we run the risk of ending up damaging the phone and leaving it worse than it was at first. In this case, we recommend you avoid it. We can change the speakers or the camera lens as we have explained before, but we cannot change other components such as the processor, the motherboard or the different connections of your mobile.

These elements will cost us more to change them, not to say that they are almost impossible to replace without the necessary knowledge. As much as we have a tutorial in front of us, if we have never done anything similar before, it is better that you go to a technical service that does it for you.

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What to consider

However, if we dare to change any other component that we have mentioned, there are two key points that we must take into account before screwing up. Especially if we don’t want to make our Android or iPhone device useless forever.


Before getting down to work, it is up to us to check if our mobile device still has a guarantee. Although, we have already warned you that, if it has been due to a blow or fall, unfortunately the coverage offered by smartphone brands is not responsible for covering this type of damage. In addition, it is important that you know that if you decide to replace a component of the mobile on your own, you will lose the guarantee . In the event that you do not want to lose it, you should go directly to the technical service of your phone company to have your device repaired.

If we have an iPhone we will have it easier, since we can see it from its settings. In order for you to find it, follow these steps:

  • Go into Settings.
  • Click on the General section.
  • Tap on the Information tab.
  • Inside, you will see an option that says Coverage . In the event that it also says Expired, it will mean that it no longer has a guarantee.

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In the case of Android mobiles, we have already warned you that you will have to contact the brand of your device. So you must call customer service or contact by mail with the signature of your terminal.

Tools needed

To change the battery of your mobile or any other part of the terminal, we are going to have to use a series of tools that, luckily, are not very expensive. For 10 euros or a little more, we can find screwdriver kits, double-sided tape, levers, adhesives, suction cups and everything necessary to replace that broken component of the phone. And it is that, without this type of instrument, it will be almost impossible for us to be able to repair the phone on our own. Unless we already had this type of product at home.

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In addition to the tools, and after knowing that the part of the smartphone cannot be repaired, since it is not a software failure that is causing it to not work, it is time to know where to buy the perfect replacement. For example, on Amazon we can quickly find from the back of our phone, to the main camera lens that has broken.

To do this, we must browse through the extensive catalog of mobile parts available, put our model and the component we need. And best of all, we will not pay as much as if we took it to a specialized store. Although, it will not be the only Internet website where we will find the different elements that make up our Android or iPhone device.