How to Increase iMac RAM the Cheapest Way

There is a way to increase the RAM of an iMac on your own, especially if it is in the 27-inch version that does not have this component sealed to the board but is included in a fully accessible slot for the user. Usually the normal thing is to go to an Apple Store or one of the centers authorized by the company to make this change, but on your own it can be much cheaper, since in these establishments they usually charge you an excessive money compared to what you can do you with your own hands.

Is the warranty lost by changing the RAM like this?

As we said before, you can very easily change the RAM of your 27-inch iMac by opening the corresponding back cover that exists in this equipment, removing the module that comes standard and easily installing the one you bought, although you can also add more modules to the one you already have in mind. Be that as it may, this is a simple process and that fortunately does not cause you to lose the warranty of the equipment as if it would happen the moment you try to change another element that would imply further disassembling the computer. Therefore you can rest assured that it will not involve any change in your rights as a consumer if necessary.

Increase iMac RAM the Cheapest Way

Brands that offer better prices

Now, when we look for more RAM for the iMac, the question always arises as to which is the best option. Is expensive always better? Well, as they always say, it depends. And we can also find reputable brands that offer this type of memory at really competitive prices without the component as such being of poor quality, on the contrary. And we start by looking at the memories of the Crucial brand, who offer DDR3 SDRAM memories for really interesting prices such as 16 GB, affordable from 90 euros and assuming a price change compared to Apple of a few hundred euros.

At another point we find the TECMIYO brand that offers a wide range of memories for the iMac. Among its main characteristics we find its data transfer speed of 1.6 GHz within the DDR3 SDRAM category. The 16 GB base in this case starts at 65 euros, this being a really interesting price. However, you can check from the following link all the variants it offers both in terms of features and price.

From the Timetec Hynix brand we find more advanced DDR4 memories that start from less than 100 euros in their 16 GB versions, also offering two modules of a total of 32 GB at a really interesting price. Although it may seem that the price increase over the previous ones is considerable, the truth is that they are also better in specifications.

If you wish, you can consult the specifications, prices and other characteristics of the rest of the memory for iMac that we can find in the market, since these are just an example of everything that we can find to save money in the installation.