How to Improve Your Xiaomi Mobile with MIUI Security App

Xiaomi phones have their own personalization layer called MIUI, which integrates among its many functions, settings and ways to customize with one of the most complete apps we can find, it is the Xiaomi security app .

Upon entering it we find many possibilities, making us not need anything else to manage from our security, to the battery or even the permits. So you can take advantage of all your options we explain step by step everything you can do with it on any of the Xiaomi phones. From the most basic functions to the most advanced options, they are integrated into an application that is updated independently of the system, making corrections and improvements more common. MIUI is full of possibilities such as the option to change our default applications forever.xiaomi-security-app

Options integrated in the Xiaomi security app

To access the Xiaomi security application, we only have to look for it among our installed apps since in MIUI it comes by default, being practically indispensable. Upon entering it we will find a layout based on pictures, where if we continue to slide we will see more and more options. Do not feel overwhelmed, we will know them all, one by one so that we know what they offer us.

Optimizer, improves performance without complications

At the top we find an optimizer that combines several options that we will see later. Here we will make a general analysis of cache memory, security, battery usage and memory. This allows the mobile phone performance to improve in some way or help us with the shortcuts it offers us, to go directly to the tools that we continue to know.

Optimizador Xiaomi seguridad

Cleaner, remove everything you don’t need

We get to know your cleaner, the first of the options we see just below the optimizer and that offers us a complete analysis of all unnecessary device files. Once we enter the cleaner, it will start checking all those heavy files that we have downloaded and we will not use any more, residual memory and cache files, once it ends it will give us a report with all this data in weight and we can choose by checking or unchecking the We want to follow your advice and eliminate them completely.

limpiador app seguridad xiaomi

Security before everything

As the name of the application itself indicates, security is an important aspect for Xiaomi and with the security scan, the manufacturer offers us greater peace of mind with the apps we have installed. It takes into account from privacy , to payments allowed in applications to have the greatest peace of mind when using our mobile. As a curious point, if we slide to the end of these options, we find the slogan – Safety first –

app seguridad xiaomi

Battery, advanced control

In the battery section, the Xiaomi security app makes an analysis of the high consumption made by some applications such as Facebook to force its closure or deactivate the use of GPS if we are currently interested in limiting battery consumption. Sliding also we will be able to see the functions that are already optimized, for example the energy saving or brightness of the screen among others.

bateria control xiaomi

Speed increase, someday you’ll need it

With the option to increase speed, the Xiaomi security app allows us to control the RAM of the device. It will check the use of background applications and the executions that the system is doing to stop them if necessary. In phones with minimum capacities it can be very useful to use it before starting to play on our mobile .

aumentar velocidad xiaomi

Application and permission manager

From the button to manage applications takes us to one of the settings of the mobile phone, which allows us to update the applications that need it, to establish permissions for each of them. Within the permission section we can choose which ones start automatically, which can store files or have access to our storage , as well as contacts, microphone and other options. Some options that may come in handy when it comes to protecting our privacy .

permisos seguridad xiaomi

Thorough cleaning, even better

In case the cleaning we did before was not enough, we can pass the broom and the vacuum cleaner at the same time with its thorough cleaning. This function checks the entire smartphone and allows us to choose if we want to delete heavy videos , files of apps we do not need or images from the gallery as screenshots , all for improving the performance of the phone.

limpieza a fondo xiaomi

Facebook and WhatsApp cleaner, very necessary

If we keep going down we find two accesses with the same functions, one designed to clean images and documents that we have received by WhatsApp and only fatten our backup, something that happens the same with Facebook, which manages to delete files downloaded from this app and data that we don’t need and only make our mobile slower.

limpiador facebook xiaomi

Solve problems, our emergency kit

First aid is present in the security app with an analysis that checks step by step our performance, the network and other adjustments that could affect or cause us problems. With this system, the idea of Xiaomi focuses on verifying that its devices work as they should and if so, offer us a quick solution.

Botiquín Xiaomi

Game Accelerator for gamers

If before we saw a way to improve our performance with RAM, the Xiaomi game accelerator goes further. We can choose a game from our mobile to be recognized automatically and all the performance is centered here. In its configuration options we can give priority to the connection and restrict the uses of other apps, very useful tools to get more out of our mobile with the games.

acelerador juegos xiaomi

Data usage, control your rate

In its way of controlling our rate and data we find the option to set limits , warn us when we reach a percentage and know statistics of our use under the mobile network. We can also limit the use of data in certain applications that increase consumption, using them only in WiFi.

datos movil xiaomi

Blacklist of SMS and calls

We continue with your options and we find the blacklist, designed to block messages or calls from numbers that we don’t want to bother us anymore. In your options we can add contacts or custom numbers to each of the sections. We can also choose if we want you to notify us that the call was blocked or not even.

lista negra

Second space, privacy without risks

From this option we can create a parallel space on our mobile that allows us protected access to everything we have stored inside. An option that is completed with the dual applications or the blocking of apps and that in some mobiles is no longer available.

Dual applications, the perfect addition

Within the dual apps we have the possibility of duplicating WhatsApp, Facebook among other apps and offers us the option of having two accounts on the same phone. From the settings we can customize the default payments in case you have two payment apps or for example to synchronize our Xiaomi watches.

apps duales

App Lock

In case we want to keep our photos or a specific application locked, we can use the app lock, where by means of a pattern we will be able to have everything we need safe.

seguridad apps xiaomi

ShareMe, send and receive files quickly

We find one of the best known functions of Xiaomi, from where we can send files of great weight in a few seconds with WiFi Direct technology . In this option we can share from apps, to videos or different files, as well as request the exchange from other Xiaomi phones.

ShareMe Xiaomi

Check the network and its problems

In this last section we can verify that our Internet connection works, either data or WiFi at this time. In turn we can see the consumption that is making each of the apps, although they are closed to keep them well controlled. We can also carry out a network diagnosis to see if it works as it should.

comprobar red xiaomi