Huawei Phones with EMUI 10: Tricks to Save Battery

The autonomy of a mobile depends on many factors. These include, of course, the milliamps of your battery, the energy efficiency of the processor or the screen, the management of the operating system and of course the more or less intensive use we give to the terminal or our way of managing the tools we have at our scope. Today we are going to see a few tricks available on Huawei phones with EMUI 10 to be able to stretch our autonomy much more.

The arrival of EMUI 10 to Huawei phones has brought several new adjustments that aim to optimize autonomy. Not only can we activate the Dark Mode , but the battery management puts in our hands a few options and tools, which are well managed, will stretch those milliamps much more and make us stay longer away from the charger . There are already a lot of Huawei phones that have been updated to EMUI 10 with Android 10, including high-end ones such as the Huawei P30 or Mate 20 Pro, or those more modest such as the Huawei P30 Lite or the P Smart 2019.


Tricks to save battery

The first thing we have to do is go to the settings menu and go down until we see the battery option. Once inside we will find a lot of options to manage our energy consumption , which we will detail below.

Trucos batería EMUI 10 06

Optimize energy consumption

The first option we find is the Energy Optimizer. This powerful tool is responsible for performing an intelligent analysis to detect everything that may be negatively affecting battery life. Once the analysis has been carried out, we will be offered a diagnosis and some parameter modification suggestions that will allow us to save energy. Decreasing the waiting time on the screen, deactivating the GPS or setting the automatic brightness can be some of these suggestions, which will depend on each mobile and the use that each user gives.

optimizador de batería EMUI 10

Saving modes

Another trick to save batteries is to activate some of the energy saving modes offered by the battery manager. The first is intended not to lose performance, but can intelligently manage connections and other elements that affect the duration. The energy saving mode minimizes certain aspects such as brightness and minimizes performance to achieve more autonomy . The ultra power saving mode deactivates most of the unnecessary functions and increases autonomy considerably. It is a way to activate when we know that we will be quite a while without being able to charge the mobile and only need the mobile for the essential.

modos de ahorro de batería EMUI 10 04

Information is power

In the section Battery usage details we can control if any app or hardware item is taking too many “milliamps”. In this way we can see if elements such as GPS, Bluetooth or any application consumes too much energy , so as to take measures regarding restrictions on use.

Trucos batería EMUI 10 03

Start of applications

This option allows us to manage which applications start automatically, with the consequent energy expenditure that this entails. We can leave the system to manage it automatically. However, if we have detected that an app is consuming too much energy, as we have seen in the previous step, it might be convenient to keep it off and manually control its execution.

Trucos batería EMUI 10

Additional tricks

Within the menu “More battery settings” we can find two interesting options to save battery. The first one is called High Energy Consumption Applications: it allows you to automatically detect if any app is consuming power abnormally. This is usually common in malware or apps that stay in the background more than they should.

Trucos batería EMUI 10 05

The second option allows us to activate a switch to keep the Wi-Fi connection active while the screen is off. A person who does not look at the mobile too many times may leave it off to save battery power, while if you are constantly aware of any notifications that arrive at your terminal, it is preferable to leave it on.