How to improve the aim in Fortnite for Android or iPhone mobiles

improve the aim in Fortnite for Android or iPhone mobiles

No matter how much time passes, the truth is that Fortnite continues to increase its number of followers. And not only among those gamers who have a console, but also among those users who spend hours and hours playing on their Android or iPhone mobiles. But, one of the most difficult points when playing on these devices is the aim. Therefore, we are going to give you some tricks so that you can aim better than ever.

It is clear that construction is one of the basic requirements, and more so now, since now we will find the famous ‘Fortnite bricklayers’. Those types of gamers who build gigantic towers that are very difficult to ‘raid’. For this reason, it will be important that you sharpen your aim in the Epic Games title, especially if you are going to play from a mobile.

But, don’t worry, because we are going to explain a series of tips with which you will be able to shoot and beat any player that crosses your path. This will make it much easier for you to get the beloved ‘Victory Royale’.

Menú Fortnite móvil

Necessary Fortnite Tweaks

Like any shooter game, aiming is essential. Although, in this Epic Games title the speed at which we can build also counts. However, a good shot can save our lives at any time. For this reason, it is time for you to take a look at the following tips or configurations for Fortnite mobile .

shooting mode

This is one of the main points that we must change when starting Fortnite on mobile, it will not matter if it is an Android or an iPhone, this will undoubtedly be the star setting for smartphone gamers. To see the configuration, we must click on the three horizontal bars that we will see in the upper left part of the phone screen.

Then, you must touch the gear or nut icon> Settings> click on the fourth option (a hand pressing). At this point, we will find that the Shooting Mode is in the first place, within the Touch Combat section. Now, click on Select mode.

Modo de disparo Fortnite

Here it will depend on our quality, but we will see three options from which we can choose:

  • Auto Fire – This is the best as the weapon fires automatically when aiming at an enemy. Of course, we already warned you that with the sniper rifles it will not work for you.
  • Touch anywhere : we can shoot by touching anywhere on the phone screen.
  • Specific button : we must press on a virtual key to shoot. In addition, we must move it so that the sight of the weapon also moves.

The aiming assistance

We are facing one of the most loved settings by smartphone gamers. Fortnite’s aim assist is one of those features that don’t go unnoticed. Basically, because by having this setting enabled, we will aim much more easily at all our enemies that we encounter. So we will have a lot of help to win a ‘kill’ in the Epic Games title. To activate it you must go to the settings> Contact and movement (the fourth tab of the settings)> go to the section Touch sensitivity> Aim assistance.

Asistencia de apuntado Fortnite

Set the sensitivity and gyroscope

Within the same menu that we have been telling you about, we find different settings for sensitivity. In this case, it will depend on the ability of each user when playing shooter video games. But for aiming, you will need to adjust the Touch Aim Sensitivity and Touch Aim Sensitivity .

Although, if you prefer, you can enable Gyroscope Aim. What this adjustment allows is that we move the mobile so that the sight can be moved while we are aiming. So it could be a good way to improve your aim in Fortnite mobile .

Sensibilidad al apuntar en Fortnite

basic tips

Not everything will be touching the Fortnite settings to improve the aim on the mobile, but you also have to use your head to improve the shot. It is clear that the more hours we practice, the better we will be shooting in this ‘shooter’, since practice makes perfect. However, there are a series of basic tips or tricks that will help us from the beginning:

  • Shoot crouched for better control.
  • Use the right weapon depending on the distance you want to shoot. It will be very difficult for you to hit someone from a distance with a pistol, for example.
  • Try to predict the movements of the other players to shoot ahead of time.
  • Do not shoot continuously, do it in bursts so that the bullets do not disperse.

The accessories you can use

If what you want is to go to another level and you don’t have a console at home to play Fortnite , don’t worry, because you can connect a controller, or even a keyboard and mouse, to your phone to enjoy this Epic Games title. Of course, we have already warned you that it will be much easier to play with a gamepad, since the other option is ‘vetoed’ in a certain way by the developers of this video game. Although, there is a trick to use it.

connect a controller

In this case, we can use a PS4 controller to play Fortnite on mobile , an Xbox One controller or, also, a generic one that we have at home. To do this, we must link it to the smartphone. If it is wireless, we must pair both devices via Bluetooth. Then, we must go to the Fortnite settings and touch the tab with a command icon. Inside, we can tweak the peripheral settings at will.

fortnite en iphone

If it’s wired, make sure you have a cable at home that connects to your controller and the other end to your Android or iPhone device. Then verify that it has been successfully paired. Finally, you must enter Fortnite and check that it is already working.

And with keyboard and mouse?

It is clear that there are different tricks that we can find on the network, but, first, Epic Games already warns us that it is not allowed to play Fortnite mobile with a keyboard and mouse . So, no matter how much we enter a game, it is most likely that they will end up expelling us from it, although in a certain way they will work. Basically, because there will be a lot of disadvantage between the different gamers. However, if you want to do the test at home, you must have a series of extra accessories.

The first thing we will need is an OTG cable that is compatible with the port of our smartphone. And how to connect more than one peripheral to the cable? It is something very simple, we will need a USB Hub or USB Concentrate. And if they are wireless peripherals, you will have to connect them via Bluetooth. But, not only will we need this, but an app will also be needed to help us emulate touch controls to use the keyboard and mouse in Fortnite for mobile.

Here we will have the option of using Panda Keymapper 64 bit , because if we use another app like Octopus, we will not be able to use it, since Fortnite mobile is a 64-bit game. The negative side of this option is that it has a price of 1.09 euros.

Once downloaded, we will click on Add games> Fortnite. Although, when opening the app, as a general rule, we will see the Epic Games game directly. Then, click on the video game icon inside the Panda Keymapper application to open it. Enter a game and take the test.