How to Improve the GPS Accuracy of Your Samsung Mobile

Today, GPS has become an essential component for users, not only to locate ourselves on a map and use, for example, Google Maps, but to quantify our daily activity with wearable equipment. Samsung mobiles do not usually give many problems with the location but sometimes their precision can fail, altering the results shown in sports apps.

Improve the GPS Accuracy of Your Samsung Mobile

Fortunately, One UI is a customization layer that, among other things, hides options that will allow us to improve the accuracy of the phone’s location using, not only the GPS signal, but also the WiFi and Bluetooth connection . Most of the time, our Samsung mobile will use GPS, the most common method to track the whereabouts of a device in real time. But for some strange reason, the function is not configured to operate in its most accurate form in some models of the phone brand.

Improving location on Samsung

This is not a tool that all Samsung Galaxy owners should have to activate manually, but there have been cases, especially in models sold by an operator, in which the specific options to improve the location of the device are not activated by default. phone.

Using WiFi and Bluetooth to improve GPS accuracy will not be of great benefit if you only use Google Maps, Waze or any other navigation app to see where a certain place is before leaving, but if you use your Samsung phone For regular driving or walking directions, you’ll notice a significant difference. Obviously, more differences you go to notes even if you use your mobile to record your sports routes.

  • Step 1: Access the Settings panel.
  • Step 2: Select Location settings.
  • Step 3: Click on Improve accuracy.
  • Step 4: Slide the buttons next to Bluetooth search and Wi-Fi search to the right to turn them on.

gps samsung

Once this is done, regardless of the Samsung model in your possession, the information that the GPS transmits with the local Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections will be verified to create an even more accurate picture of where the device is located. This is especially useful when we are in urban areas with tall buildings, such as the Azca area in Madrid, whose structures can interfere with the smartphone’s GPS signal .